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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

Ultimate Frisbee

We'll be playing Thursday at 3:30 on the field behind the SAC. Come and join, it's easy to learn and all skill levels are accepted (and expected)! Drew Levin

Moved to 6:30pm Drew Levin

Beach Volleyball on Friday 18th

(Roberta Sinatra) We are planning to play a beach volleyball match on Friday 18th, at 5 p.m. (the court is next to in the Student Activity center, building 48 on the map. It seems that the beach volleyball court is "under construction"). If you are interested, please signup here! :)


Here in Santa Fe we have the delightful viewing conditions of a relatively clear-sky, high-altitude, low-light desert environment. We also have access to some telescopes, including an 8"; which we can set up on top of the adjacent building to the Peterson Student Center. If there are people who would like to indulge in some high-grade stargazing...please let us know. (Louis Lerman)
Stargazing Signup

Hey Louis, I am interested, my agenda is still free on thursday evening. Erik Van den broecke

Horseback Trail Riding: Wednesday Evening, June 23rd

Suzanne and Ingrid had a great time at Broken Saddle Riding Co.
2 hours of riding in the Cerrillos around sunset. Beautiful views, great horses, and a great trail guide.

I will go this Wednesday evening. Leaving from SFI at 4.30pm (just after last lecture), Looking for Transport
If you like to join me, just shout Erik Van den broecke

El Rancho de las Golondrinas Field Trip

Would anyone be interested in a trip to El Rancho de las Golondrinas? I'd be happy to get one going on Saturday/Sunday.

Sunday most likely. Let me know if y'all are interested. (JP)

I would be interested (Bogdan State)

Sunday works for me. Count me in. (Jing Li)

I also prefer Sunday. Count me in please. (Yixian Song)

SF Complex Art Show

Opening on Thursday 17th is a 3-night art show at the Santa Fe Complex and other nearby galleries. In the projection dome, they will be showing an installation of Daniel's: AtomSwarm, an agent-based sonic ecosystem, which uses swarming behaviours and simulated genetics to create a continually evolving environment.

A few of us are heading down. Anybody interested? Drivers, please make yourself known here!

  • I'm going! Probably just Thursday. I believe JP is happy to drive, around 7/7.30ish..? (Daniel Jones)
  • I'll try to get there, but I've got lab... Jonathan Cannon
  • I. I shall go, even if i must crawl on my elbows. Although I'd actually prefer a lift. Dan MacKinlay
  • I'm in - planning on pedaling down there, but if there's more interest than cars I can drive me + 3. Kyla Dahlin
  • I totally have to go, though don't yet know how. Kasia Samson
  • I'd like to go, I have lab, but I also have a car Drew Levin
  • I'd like to go, maybe on Friday. Anybody wants to have a walk? Zhiyuan Song


Lets play soccer today (11/6) at 15:30 ***COMPLETE***

Art Museums

I have two tickets to the Georgie O'Keefe Museum in town and two more to the Harwood Museum in Taos (which is a great little museum). Let me know if you'd like them. (Alison Snyder)

I'd be interested in Georgia O'Keefe! Are they for a particular day/time?? Julie Granka

Alison, are you giving up both tickets to the Georgia O'Keefe museum, or are you using one of them? I'd be interested in going too. Andrew Banooni (I'm also thinking about going to Taos next weekend, so if you still have those other tickets, I'd love them!)

Soccer Field

If anyone would like to use of the soccer field, please contact John Paul so he can put a request in with conference services. We're not the only event on campus, and St. John's may need to use the field from time to time for other events.


Some of you expressed interest in playing Squash and/or Tennis (Mark, Ingrid, Michael,..?). Let's update this section if concrete plans emerge. Also if anyone has information on how/when to use the courts, please post it here.

  • Given the fact that I have only black soles, squash is not an option, but tennis would be Ligtvoet
  • I am interested in playing tennis with anyone, on any day. The hours of the gym are here: and I suspect that we can borrow rackets/balls and use the courts during those times. Maybe morning would be a good time, before it gets too hot? (Megan Olsen)

World Cup Viewing

It's really more Before Hours, but here in Santa Fe two of the recurring broadcast times for World Cup games are 5:00 AM and 7:30 AM. Is there interest in getting together, either somewhere on campus or--if we're lucky enough--at a local venue to catch a few of the more interesting games before coming to lectures?

  • (Roberta Sinatra) Yes, I am very interested. As an Italian, I cannot miss matches of Italy! ;)
  • (Ana Hocevar) I guess I might be up for that as well. Especially for the USA vs. Slovenia match. I do count on all non-US participants to root for Slovenia, of course...
  • (Roberta Sinatra) Someone interested in watching the Italy vs Paraguay match, on Monday (June 14th), at 12.30 pm (half after noon, to avoid confusion - 20.30 in South Africa)?
  • (Joseph Gran) Definitely going to watch as much of this as possible. Does the tv in the game room get the games?
  • (Kang Zhao) Very interested in watching some games!
  • (Ana Hocevar) The tv in the game room (where the table soccer thing is) is suppose to get the games, so see you tomorrow morning (friday 8 am) for Slovenia vs. USA :)


Some participants will have musical instruments with them. Join the CSSS house band!

SF complex gigs

plus, for bonus geek eyecandy points, the SIGGRAPH show


Just noticed that there is a flamenco festival in Albequerque. Could be fun ???

Farmers Markets

The Santa Fe Farmers' Market is Open Every Tuesday and Saturday in the Santa Fe Railyard! 7am-Noon.

It would be cool to go before the Bandelier etc. hike (Borys Wrobel).

I would like to go this Saturday (June 12)! I have 5 seats in my car, please sign up if you'd like to come! We will eat breakfast at 7:30, and then plan to leave for the farmer's market at 8 in order to be back to leave for hiking at 10.

Andrew's car:
1.Andrew Banooni
2.Borys Wrobel
3.Bruno Abrahao
4.Oana Carja yay,sounds lovely!
5. Megan Olsen How exciting!!

Borys Wrobel: Yes, it was great fun, thanks Andrew! If someone wants to go next week: there's parking close by (underground) for $1/day, you get to taste a lot of stuff (including weird Native American tea, which we pretty much decided is much better w/o sugar), and there was an artist's market across the street.


The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad is one of the longest and most beautiful sections of narrow gauge rail in the US. It is a bit of a hike away, so some car rental might be necessary but it would be awesome!

  • exciting! would like to hear more details on what this field trip may be like. Anna Pechenkina

EDIT: More info!

It seems that we could do this either Saturday the 19 or Sunday the 20. Trains leave every day at 10:00AM from Charma, NM. Charma is about 2:15 hours away by car, and they recommend that you get there 30 minutes early, which means a departure time around 7:00AM. The ride that seems most feasible is the Chama to Osier Roundtrip, which is $75 a person (quite expensive, although it includes lunch if that helps?). The train would get back into Charma at around 4:00PM. I had initially thought of driving out the night before or staying over the night or something, but it seems to me that we could do this as a day trip. I don't have a car but I will figure out how to rent one if people are really interested! More info about rates here! -- Sarah Wise

Board Games

I happen to have a nice collection of fun and fairly quick strategic board games. I've talked to a few people who seem interested in getting together from time to time to play some games and unwind. If you think you'd be interested, send me an email or just come up and say hi. I'm thinking our first gathering may be Sunday evening. The games are very easy to learn (so don't be intimidated) and they all exhibit complex behavior (sorry, couldn't resist). Think of it as a fun way to meet people in a new, enjoyable context. Drew Levin

We should also get people together to play Mafia! It's kind of a card game, and lots of fun. We were thinking Friday night after the SFI reception could be a good time! Megan Olsen

I'd be interested in this Micael Ehn

Board games! always fun. Perhaps one of our projects should have been on the effects of being able to use proper nouns in Scrabble. :) (Gavin Fay)

I'm interested Michael Szell

Games tonight (sunday) in the coffee shop. Late notice but come on by if you're interested. I'll be around... and Andrew brought games too! Drew Levin

I think I'll just start bringing a few games over to the coffee shop each evening. If you want to play a game, come by and see who's around. There seems to usually be enough people nearby that starting a game should be fairly easy. If you're interested in a longer game, or want to make sure people are around, let me know and we'll work on organizing something more formal. Drew Levin

Games tonight (Saturday), We'll be above the Bread Loaf party, hopefully in the room 'behind' the lecture hall on the 2nd floor. I'm planning on starting around 9:30, so come up and join us if you want a break from the party, or if you're looking for something else to do tonight. Drew Levin

Bandelier Hike / Valles Caldera / Los Alamos ***COMPLETE***

Tom, JP and others are planning a field trip to Bandelier National Monument for Saturday June 12. Please sign up so we know how many people are going.

We'll depart the parking circle at 8:00 10:00 am, head up to Bandelier to do some hiking before it gets really hot when it's really hot, then head up to the Valles Caldera and Jemez Caldera in the early afternoon. A trip to the Bradbury Museum in Los Alamos will finish the sightseeing, and then maybe dinner in Santa Fe?

Isotopes Game (BASEBALL!!!)***COMPLETE***

This was sooo much fun. We sat in the first row, got two foul balls and three mini helmets! What a good time!

I am going to the Isotopes baseball game tomorrow (Thursday) night in Albuquerque. The game starts at 7pm, we'll leave at around 6pm. We can stay for as long as we like. I have 4 seats in my car. Who's coming with me? Beer, hotdogs, and baseball, what could be better :-)? (Joseph Gran)

  1. Ana Hocevar
  2. Gavin Fay As the Kool Aid guy would say, Oh Yea.

El Farol Field Trip***COMPLETE***

A few people were interested in "making a pilgrimage" to El Farol. Any takers?

I think it would be fun to do after the SFI day on Wednesday. Let's plan ~ 6:00, depart by walking from SFI? It's about a mile and a half. (jp)

  • Did I miss this? If so, there should be another one. It's not really a valid homage to the paper if there are not iterated plays! (Lynette Shaw)

Aaron Clauset's Lecture***COMPLETE***

SFI Omidyar fellow Aaron Clauset will be presenting a talk entitled "The Future of Terrorism" next Wednesday at 7:00pm. Please Sign Up if you'd like to attend so that we have an idea of how to organize transportation.

Horseback Trail Riding ***COMPLETE***

We had a great time at Broken Saddle Riding Co. 2 hours of riding in the Cerrillos around sunset. Beautiful views, great horses, and a great trail guide.

White Water Rafting ***COMPLETE***

We are organising a rafting trip down the Class IV Taos box next Sunday the 20th. The Taos box is meant to be very exciting, but still suitable for first time rafters. So far it is my husband and I, but if anyone else wants to join, you're more than welcome. A couple of caveats: 1) it is EXPENSIVE (~$120) and 2) it is all day (which may interfere with projects. However, if this doesn't put you off, please let me know! Susanne Shultz

Here is the webpage for one of the companies. Trips leave from Santa Fe early morning:


Saturday 19th June - join us on our trip to the VLA (Very Large Array)? (Gavin Fay)

VLA signup

I'm interested. I have a car that can hold 3 additional people. Anne Johnson

Ok - talking with Anne and Borys on Friday, I think we decided to aim for next Saturday (the 19th). We'll try and see if we can get a guided tour at such short notice, but plan on going regardless. (Gavin Fay)

What time are you guys planning on leaving? I might be up for driving people, but I can't leave too early... B. Shiva Mayer

  1. It will take about 3.5 hours to get there. The tour will start at 2:00 sharp - we are actually joining another previously scheduled tour. If we leave by 9:30 that will give us time to stop off for a bite of lunch. The tour will last about 1.5 - 2 hours. We will be outside - could be cold, sunny, and/or windy - so check the weather. No food there and make sure to bring water.

Rodeo! - but on Wednesday night (the 23rd)?? (***COMPLETE***)

There'll be a rodeo in Santa Fe June 23-26, the tickets for Saturday Matinee (10 am) are $10. That's more like 'after CSSS' than 'after hours', but maybe someone will be intererested in going? (Borys Wrobel)).

I want to go to the rodeo!, but since I'll be leaving early on Saturday, am thinking of going on Wednesday. Interested?? Julie Granka

  • Show starts at 6:30, gates open at 5:30 (so maybe leave after dinner?) (and it's only 15 min away)
  • Tickets are only $12
  • AND: "The "RODEO! de Santa Fe" Association has added a carnival midway, concessions, vendors, and expanded our beer garden so there is something for everyone." (!!)

JP is willing to lead a group to the Rodeo John Paul's Camry
1. JP
2. Micael Ehn
3. Lynette Shaw
4. Sarah Wise
5. Andreas

Julie's car:

1. Julie
2. Thomas
3. Nick
4. Count me in! Let's talk about on Monday Borys Wrobel
5. Florian

Sandia Peak Tramway (***COMPLETE***)

The longest tram in the world is only an hour away from us. The tram takes you up to the top of Sandia Peak (elevation 10,378ft, 3,163m) where there are various hiking trails and scenic viewpoints. The tram operates until 9pm everyday of the week and costs $20 per person. Anybody interested in going? How about next Friday evening (or any other time), we could eat dinner at the Mexican restaurant (Sandiago) in the tram lobby. link-> (Joseph Gran)


Joe's Car:
1.) Megan Olsen
2.) Anna Pechenkina
3.) Yixian Song
4.) Erika Legara

Andrew's Car:
1.) Kang Zhao
2.) Bogdan State

Micael Ehn Sounds like fun!

Here's my plan. We go on Wed evening after lectures at SFI. (sorry to those who wish to do the rodeo too). Due to time constraints I think we should eat dinner at St. John's and leave immediately after. Say leave at 5:30 - 5:45. We'll get to the tram at 6:45ish and thus have 2 hours to hangout on top of the mountain. We'll catch the last tram back down at 9pm and be back at St Johns at about 10:30 Whadda'yall say? (Joseph Gran)

Hiking Baldy (***COMPLETE***)

BALDY WAS SWEET! The view was amazing! Check out the pictures!!!!

There is a whole list of participants who want to hike & climb...

A quick look at the Let's Go guidebook already shows the following options:

  • Santa Fe Baldy 8-9hrs hike
  • Pecos Wilderness
  • Bandelier National Monument - check
  • Santa Fe National Forest, Los Alamos - which also has some historic significance = check

I would like very much to hike Santa Fe Baldy. It is a 7 mile journey from the parking lot to the peak with an elevation gain of about 3000ft. Various websites recommend getting off the peak before 2pm to avoid afternoon thunderstorms. This implies (assuming 4hrs to the top and an hour lunch) that we need to start hiking around 8am, which in turn means leaving SJC at about 7:15am (or earlier)! I understand this is a serious commitment, so is there any interest in doing this hike with me?? If so I will acquire a trail map and directions to the trail-head parking lot and any other information that will be useful. Here is a description of the hike -> (Joseph Gran)

I would be interested (Bogdan State) I think I'd be up for it too.... which day... Sunday?? (Julie Granka) Sunday would work for me. I'm going to get a trail map of the area tomorrow, then we can discuss what hike we want to do (Joseph Gran) New plan - Saturday!