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Complex Systems Summer School 2016

A slightly younger JP


Born and raised in Santa Fe, I've been around SFI for the past twelve years in various capacities. I've primarily worked in education and outreach (now affectionately dubbed the "education unit") in several roles including administrative assistant, programs coordinator, facilitator, curriculum design and development, education program faculty, and coordinator of the Complex Systems Summer School.

Complex Systems Science has been a passion of mine since I first stumbled across the CSSS in 2008. I've been amazed at its ability to embrace the inherent messiness in so many parts of the world and reduce it down to rather intuitive concepts. I'd like to count myself under adherents of an algorithm-based expression of science rather than a rigid reductionist view.

The research side of my work at the Institute has been with Bela Nagy and Doyne Farmer on the Evolution of Technology project, specifically work on the Performance Curve DataBase. I'm also involved with Project GUTS, where I disseminate whatever complex systems science and computational research I learn at CSSS here to mid- and high-school school students throughout the state. Also, a mentor for the Supercomputing Challenge, a state-wide scientific computational research program that teaches the basics of programing and computer modeling through project-based learning -- with a little bit of competition thrown in for good measure.

In my free time, I work the land on my family's farm (11 generations!) on the outskirts of Santa Fe in the small village of La Cienega. I'm interested and active in land use and water use issues within my community, where we seek to preserve the rural integrity and viability of our historic water systems and traditional way of life. I've been a board member of the La Cienega Valley Association.

Other hobbies include automobiles, good food, travel, synchronized human motion, and interesting patterns of lights.

I can be reached at my first two initials (JP) at-- santafe -dot- edu

Tour Guide

Feel free to ask me if you have questions about food and dining, after-hours events or other things to do in the Santa Fe and greater New Mexico region. I love playing tour guide and introducing visitors to Santa Fe and parts surrounding.