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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

CSSS participants come from a wide range of disciplines. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge by organizing their own tutorials.

Also, requests for tutorials should be posted here.

Bayesian Inference *COMPLETE* June 18, 1:30PM

Bayesian Tutorial Slides

I noticed that last year there was a tutorial on Bayesian inference. If anyone is interested in an introduction to bayesian networks and bayesian inference, I'd be delighted to give one. (Megan Olsen)

  • I'd be delighted to listen, although you would also have to explain what I can do with these Ligtvoet
    • I know Bayesian approaches are used A LOT in biology...if you do make this tutorial, I would love to take part on it! And I could think about some biological ideas we can use as examples to help people understand their usefulness (Vanessa Weinberger)
  • Since I'm (almost) completely self-taught on Bayes, I always take advantage of opportunities to listen to others on the subject. It would also be interesting to hear a non-social science perspective on the topic...I guess what I'm saying is, count me in. (Thomson McFarland)
  • I'm also self-taught (or teaching). Would love to join in. (Susanne Shultz)
  • I'm in. Eager to hear about Bayesian networks. Would also be happy to share some of my experience with Bayesian estimation too. (Gavin Fay)

OK, sounds like we have lots interest! Let's try to make this happen sometime in the next week. Will let you know soon! (Megan)

The choices are Thursday around 8:30PM, or Friday directly after lunch. Post below if you have a preference, we will set a time/day tonight (Monday) or tomorrow.

Thomson McFarland I vote Friday after lunch. It's looking like Thursday is the only free night I have this week and I am (a) selfish and (b) hoping to take advantage of any first mover/first announcer advantage that may exist in this setting.

Evolutionary Game Theory *COMPLETE* June 21, 6:30PM

Evolutionary Game Theory Slides

Quite a few people were interested about Evolutionary Game Theory. If anyone wants to know more I can give a brief outlook on the traditional approach of evolutionary game theory and some recent developments in the field. (Chaitanya Gokhale)

Would it be fine if we have it kind of early in the week when people are still fiddling with their projects and trying to get them working ? I was thinking of Monday but then you may already have meetings planned out so does Wednesday evening after dinner sound good? 7:00 pm? (Chaitanya Gokhale)

  • Thanks Chaitanya! Wed eve at 7pm is Aaron Clauset's lecture - I suspect there may be some overlap with the audience. Given how busy our schedules seem to be getting perhaps later on that evening might work? I would suggest another evening but then there's Alfred Hubler's labs going on too. eek! (Gavin Fay)
  • What about thursday evening, after Hubler's Lab? I think that at 8 p.m should be OK. (Roberta Sinatra)
  • Yes, thursday evening is perfectly fine. This way we still get the whole friday afternoon off as I dont want to mess with people's plans for a long weekend. (Chaitanya Gokhale)
  • Thursday (17/06) evening 7 pm looks like a nice slot. Hubler's lab is at 6. If the majority doesnt have any problem with this then I am going to post it in the schedule by the end of the day (16/06) (Chaitanya Gokhale)
  • Okay guys and girls, Greg would like to spend some time tomorrow evening with probability theory and I think its great too so I have finally just shifted the whole thing to next week, Monday evening. Also I think its better as we will be hearing about Evolution in the morning from David Krakauer. Its already in the schedule. (Chaitanya Gokhale)


(Roberta Sinatra) I know there are some people knowing python pretty well. I have promised myself a thousand of times to learn it, but actually I have never managed to take a book and start programming... I wonder if some of you could give a tutorial on it, with emphasis on the library networkx. It should be just a start-up, to learn how to put hands on.

Version control

There have been some people requesting version control tutorials. Happy to help out with that once we have some actual source code to manage. I think there are a couple of people even keener than me ;) --- Dan MacKinlay

AD Model Builder

If anyone is interested, I would be happy to give a tutorial on using AD Model Builder, an extremely powerful package for development and fitting of non-linear statistical models. (Gavin Fay)