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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

Please submit t-shirt design ideas here. Voting will take before lectures on Monday June 14.

Remember: T-shirt designs will be on solid black this year.


This is just a random, silly idea I had, based off xkcd - if you're not familiar, here's a good one (the most recent is a bit inappropriate). This can totally be modified if folks have ideas/suggestions. I was thinking this could go on the front (in white? blue?) and the SFI logo on the back, upper center. Kyla Dahlin

Optical Illusion

Justice League

I chuckled when Dan mentioned that Rolling Stone magazine had called SFI "a justice league for renegade geeks." I didn't get a chance to see the old designs, so I don't know if this has been done before, but I think we could run with that idea. I don't have much graphic design experience, but it could be as simple as having those 6 words in an interesting typefont on the front and the SFI logo on the back or vice versa?

We could toy with cartoons that use this idea, as well. The Superman logo/theme comes to mind. Anyone have any thoughts?

-Andrew Banooni

-- I love the idea. :) And, yeah, it could be as simple as having those 6 words. - Erika Fille Legara

--Here is a mockup, very very rough, but it gives you a general idea. If anyone has more design experience I'd appreciate help!

Embracing Complexity

Erik Van den broecke

Attractive T-Shirt

Lynette Shaw

Just a basic idea - could change some of the words (ie- "I was here." or say somewhere "who knows where we'll go next"). Could have the SFI logo on the back. Note: I have seen a shirt like this with 'Strangely Attractive' (Borys Wrobel).


White on black? [Petroglyph] National Monument is not far from here... Here's some pix I took last Saturday (Borys Wrobel).

Quote Shirts

Really feeling like there should be a shirt with a quote from one of the lectures, just because there are so many choices (besides the renegade geeks one!)! All colors can be modified. (Megan Olsen)

Choice 1: This can be modified (remove keyboard? remove mouse?)

Andreas: I like this a lot. I would only remove the random use of capital letters.

Choice 2: I like the idea that CSSS is the spectacular thing that happened
Choice 3: This is the front, the back would be the same as the back to the Justice League option above
Choice 4: Maybe too simple. Would have SFI logo on back

A Few Ideas

T-shirt submissions from your local CSSS studio: "The Butterflies of Chaos" (Louis,Jackie,and Jess)

Click for larger size and more detail! Embracing Complexity

(note that the central figure will be redrawn to be grasping the web. This is just a mock-up.)

Illusions of Reality

Social Networking at CSSS 2010

(using the well-known illusion of a staring couple vs. a goblet)

Of course, the greatest complex system in the the social brain.

From the girl's perspective:

And the guy's:

There is one more design forthcoming from your friendly neighborhood studio, The Butterflies of Chaos, which unfortunately will not be available until the end of the week. It is too delicious a design not to do, so we'll be doing it regardless of official deadlines.

All designs ©2010 Louis Lerman

Andreas: I suggest a creative commons licence is more appropriate for a t-shirt design.

The Self-Organised T-Shirt ***WINNER***


- The emergent result of iterated local interactions between the participants of CSSS 2010. What will it look like? Who can say?