VLA signup

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CSSS Santa Fe 2010

Wanting to go to the VLA on Saturday 19th June? Put your name down below. usual carpooling thing....

Drivers: Anne Johnson & Gavin Fay (2 cars so 7 other seats)

  1. Borys Wrobel
  2. Ingrid van Putten
  3. Ana Hocevar
  4. Sergey Melnik
  5. Kang Zhao
  6. Yixian Song
  7. Bruno Abrahao

  • (Ana Hocevar) So, everyone, I guess we should decide when we are leaving tomorrow morning. I guess no car owner is joining us, so Gavin will arrange a car to rent. There was the idea that we could go to the farmer's market (we could buy fresh made local food, bread,...) in the morning, then head to the VLA. In this case, we should probably leave St. John's College at 8am or something to make it to the VLA before 2 pm. In case we don't want to go to the Farmers market, we can leave at 9:30 as suggested previously (from in front of the Peterson Center, where the shuttles pick us up usually?). So what do you guys think?
  • (Gavin Fay) OK so I have rented a car. If you want to go to the Farmer's market with Ana and I, meet at the circle at 8am. If not, we will meet the others at 9:30am at St John's and go from there.