Anna Pechenkina

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I am a third year PhD student in Political Science at Penn State, majoring in International Relations with first minor in Methodology.

a p e c h e n k i n a [ a t ] g m a i l [ d o t ] c o m

And to make things easier: my name is pronounced as [ah-na pe-chen-kee-na ]

hi there!

Research Interests

States regularly attempt to manage conflicts with varying degree of success. Despite the importance of conflict management as a foreign policy instrument, academics have not answered fully what makes some attempts at shortening wars and lengthening peace more likely to succeed than others. I seek to understand how exactly outside actors may manipulate uncertainty between belligerents and thus influence in-war and post-war interactions. Methodologically, I combine agent-based modeling and statistical testing to further my inferences about conflict management.


  • fundamentally the problems of international politics that interest me are that of cooperation. specifically, how institutions and individual agents affect success/failure of cooperation. I hope to find people from other disciplines who are interested in similar questions to gain (and share?) insights.
  • meeting a lot of people who use CAS is exciting to me by definition, since Political Science is still scarce on using complex simulation models. exchanging ideas, learning and working with this group of people is my major positive expectation.


  • thinking about international relations and politics in general
  • Java, RepastJ, Perl
  • applied statistics