Damian Blasi

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Damián Blasi

I'm finishing a MSc in Complex Systems at Instituto Balseiro in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. You can contact me at damianblasi [at] .


Interdisciplinary research on language is my main interest, although my approaches were restricted almost exclusively to statistics, complex networks and stochastic processes. Like many others, I'm puzzled by the numerous universal features that language exhibits and their implications -many of them obscure yet- in relation with human evolution, intelligence and the emergency of awareness. Lately I'm trying to improve my neuroscience-related skills in order to tackle the question assisted with recent fundamental observations in psychopathology and neurolinguistics.

I used to spend a considerable portion of my spare time reading humanities and social sciences, so I'm naturally motivated to apply (where circumstances are propitious) methods and ideas of complexity to those fields.

Of course, I'll be hiking with the rest of you, even if that implies fighting mountain lions and black bears and avoiding venomous rattlesnakes


I graduated in physics and I've taken courses on dynamical systems, stochastic processes, game theory, population dynamics, graph theory, synchronization and general non-linear phenomena. I've employed a wide variety of numerical and computational methods, that range from Montecarlo and Molecular Dynamics to Neural Networks. Although I program mainly in C, I also use Mathematica, Pajek and standard software for data analysis.

What do I hope to get out of the CSSS

  • An extension of my complex system's knowledge by means of the lectures
  • Living in Patagonia, it's hard to establish cooperation links with scientist of other fields -even with people of my own country- due to the geographical isolation. I expect to find nice and motivated people who eventually would like to work in collaboration.