B. Shiva Mayer

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Hi everyone! I am a research scientist at RGM Advisors, LLC, and I'm attending the CSSS though our affiliation with the Business Network.


In (roughly) chronological order:

  • Originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • Undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • I used to be a competitive (ACM) computer programmer
  • NSERC undergraduate researcher in ultrasound physics
  • Former professional photographer
  • Various management and start-up experiences (VP of the Alma Mater Society; Director of Content Development at Insidermedicine)
  • Attempted to develop automated trading strategies of my own, before...
  • Currently a researcher at RGM Advisors, LLC, a proprietary, high-frequency trading firm based in Austin, Texas.


I've had the privilege of being able to look at a lot of market data through the lens of developing profitable trading strategies, so in a qualitative sense, I have a (by no means exhaustive) feel for some of the modeling techniques that are useful in my domain. More specifically, I also have experience developing proprietary analysis tools for market data in C++, Java, Python, and other languages. I also have some very limited experience with R, and I've used Matlab in previous lives.