Sign Up for Aaron's Lecture

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Sign up here if you'd like to attend Aaron Clauset's lecture.

Once we have a rough idea of how many would like to attend, we'll either organize our own transportation or rent a few shuttles.

  1. John Paul
  2. I'll be there, but I won't need transportation. Thomson McFarland
  3. Also attending, but will not need transportation Kim Lewis
  4. Oana Carja
  5. I am interested and need transportation. Kang Zhao
  6. Bruno Abrahao - attending and need trasportation
  7. Me too, need transportation...Yixian Song
  8. Will not need transportation Rajani R. Shenoy
  9. Will not need transportation either! Zoe Henscheid
  10. Can provide transportation for 4 other people. Andrew Banooni
    1. Andrew, hi, may I ride with you? - Erika Legara
    2. did i mention what a fine figure of a car-wielding man you are, Mr Banooni? Dan MacKinlay
    3. I'm assuming this means there is still room in your car for me? Megan Olsen
    4. Bruno Abrahao
  11. Alison Snyder
  12. Need transportation. Anna Pechenkina
  13. Need transportation Erika Fille Legara
  14. Need transportation Damian Blasi
  15. Would like to go, but need transportation Micael Ehn
  16. Dan MacKinlay needs wheels
  17. Need transportation Sergey Melnik
  18. Yes. Also need wheels (or other method of propulsion) Gavin Fay
  19. Me too. Katarzyna Samson
  20. I'm interested, and have a car. I can bring 3 others. Anne Johnson
    1. No one signed up for my car, so I'm leaving from my hotel. (Anne)
  21. Need transportation Michael Szell
  22. I'd like to go and can take 3-4 others with me Andrew Hein. sorry but I'm not going to be able to make it. It looks like there are some free spaces in other cars though.
    1. Oana Carja
    2. Borys Wrobel
    3. Kang Zhao
    4. ?
  23. I'm in, and I can drive some people as well. B. Shiva Mayer
    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
  24. Need transportation Susanne Shultz
  25. I'd like to go and need transportation. Zhiyuan Song
  26. I'd like to go and I also have a car neal mccollom
  27. I'd like to go too. Ana Hocevar