Complex Systems Summer SChool 2012-Lecture Readings

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Complex Systems Summer School 2012

Liz Bradley





Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
Time Series Analysis ODE notes IDA chapter

| Chaos weblinks

Lorenz Attractor

Lorenz Attractor explorer

NetLogo Lorenz attractor (Right click - save - open with Netlogo 3D)

Lorenz Water Wheel (Right click - save - open in Netlogo)


TISEAN 3.0.1: Nonlinear Time Series Analysis Software

Jim Crutchfield

Lecture 1.1
Lecture 1.2
Lecture 2.1
Lecture 2.2


Information Theory for Tralfamadorians

Simon DeDeo

Thank you for your engagement, your willingness to join an adventure, and your contributions to critical debate. I look forward to following the collective output of CSSS 2012 for many years to come.

Full notes, and a bibliography, for the lectures on Computation in Natural Systems, Statistics and Stochastic Processes, and Emergence can be found at CSSS Lectures.

Josh Garland

Lab 1

Lab 2

Here is a zip archive of data files for your use in this lab:

Compiled TISEAN code for Mac OS-X 10.6 can be found here: I had to posted it on my website because the wiki does not accept .zip files.

John Harte

John Harte Lecture Slides

Alfred Hubler

Alfred Hubler Lecture Slides for Talk 1

Alfred Hubler Lecture Slides for Talk 2

Anne Kandler

Anne Kandler Lecture Slides

Mark Newman

Mark Newman Lecture Slides 1

Clauset / Newman Paper

Power laws, Pareto distributions and Zipf's law Paper

Mark Newman Lecture Slides 2

David Wolpert

David Wolpert Lecture Slides

Eli Ben-Naim

Sports as a Model for Competitive Societies

Sander Bais

Sander Bais Welcome Remarks

The Physics of Information, Bais and Farmer

CSSS Week Two Glue Session Slides

Quantum Theory

Cris Moore

Turing's Grand Unification, Moore and Mertens


Phase Transitions (.pdf)

Algorithms (.pdf)

Quantum computing(.pdf)

Tanmoy Bhattacharya

Inference in Historical Process 2011 CSSS Talk

Infectious Diseases 2012 CSSS Talk

Melanie Mitchell

Biologically Inspired Computing

Jeremy Van Cleve

Multilevel Selection, Evolution, and Emergence

Scott Page

Scott E. Page Lecture Slides

Ole Peters

Ole Peters Slides

Stephanie Forrest

Stephanie Forrest Lecture Slides