Complex Systems Summer School 2012-Glue Session Forum

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Complex Systems Summer School 2012

Please post your questions or additional comments on this page. This Friday this session of the Glue Session will be held as a forum, please post your questions below.

  • What are the limits of the methods (analysis, simulation, experiment, meta-analysis, ethnography) you use for the questions you are interested in?
  • What methods would you be excited to see supplement and complement your approach?
  • If emergence is not reducible to the property of the parts then where does it 'emerge' from?
  • If fundamental law is derived from symmetry relationships, then what is the 'law' that drives the process of 'symmetry-breaking'?
  • What systems are clearly not 'complex'?
  • What are the principles and mechanisms that lead to the emergence of robustness in biological systems?
  • Among the different measures of complexity, does the value for one measure of complexity give any information about the others or are they completely unrelated?
  • Regarding the tools and mathematical formalisms we use to model complex systems, does the fact that they apply to so many diverse types of systems (e.g., disease, culture, ecology) tell us anything deep about the structure of these systems, or about the mechanisms underlying them, or are these tools nothing more than simply very flexible and useful tools?
  • Knowledge is growing at a tremendous rate, which is reflected in an inflation of education. Nevertheless, our learning methods do not improve at the same rate. Which are or will be new more efficient ways to learn as students and in research driven academia?