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Complex Systems Summer School 2012

Use this page as an informal forum to share your opinion and discuss anything at CSSS'12.

Students are encouraged to share their observations, insights, and opinions about daily lecture content as well as extracurricular activities.

Post your own links to notes, interesting articles, and anything else you think might contribute to the program.

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On the physicists' approach to other disciplines

Experiment Sign-up

Can one get a chaotic map with two disco balls?

And, if so, isn't it practically our duty to do so?

(There's a disco ball in the lecture hall.)

Schooling interactions with non-square boundary

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an [anchovy tank] shaped like two nested sections of cones (you stand inside it). Boid-like behavior is pretty easy to see in the fish, particularly because the shape of the tank interferes with the school. I couldn't decide if the tank was actually inducing turbulence in the fish.

Dynamical Systems: R and Python

I wrote some Python code for simulating deterministic dynamical systems and used it to play around with the Logistic map from yesterday's lectures. The Python class I wrote for simulating generic dynamical systems (admittedly only those with a single state variable!) can be found here (I would have posted to the code to the wiki directly but apparently one cannot upload .py files). I have also written a blog post demonstrating some of the functionality of the Python code.

Also, there are several R packages that seem to implement the algorithms from the TISEAN program that we were introduced to yesterday. The packages are RTisean, tseriesChaos, and tsDyn and can be found on CRAN.


D. Pugh

PS: I am very much a newbie to Python, and any suggestions on improving my coding are much appreciated!

I have written another blog post and some more Python code for implementing parts of the TISEAN labs that we have been assigned. Code can be found here here. Eventually, the code will contain solutions to the all of the labs and homework.

Python wrapper for TISEAN

Thanks for sharing your python code David.

Incidentally there is also a Python wrapper for TISEAN available here. Not sure how good it is, but might be worth checking out.