Complex Systems Summer School 2012-After Hours

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Complex Systems Summer School 2012

Use this space to organize your own after hours activities.

Weekend at the Carlsbad caverns (driving through Roswell!)

We two lazy Italians (Fabio and Sandro) have some vacations after the school, and after the suggestion of JP we decided to drive to Carlsbad caverns during the weekend. We will go to Albuquerque on Saturday to rent a car, and we plan to arrive to Carlsbad on Saturday evening. We have tents, and we still have one place available: who wants to join? You'll have to come bcak on your own, since we're heading westwards afterwards...

Ride to Albuquerque late Friday night

Looking for a group of people going away early on Saturday morning (30th) from Albuquerque.. Currently the last shuttle for the day on 29th leaves St. John's at 6 p.m. So if we have a few people, we can explore other ways to get to Albuquerque later in the night (after the bbq and party). Please let me know or sign up here with name and time of preference to leave St. John's. Priya

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

The Tent Rocks national monument offers some stunning views. There are several hiking trails here varying in length and difficulty -we can decide depending on everyone's interest. Meet Sunday 24th at 9am in the parking circle.

Sanith's Car





The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I have been planning to see this movie for quite awhile, if you would like to go I have space for 4. Meet Saturday 23rd at 6.15pm in the parking circle.

Sanith's Car





Fossils and Hot Springs

Hi, we are planning to look for fossils in the surroundings of Mora (about one hour drive from SF) tomorrow. We expect to find trilobites, maybe also ammonoids and other stuff. On the way back we'd like to stop at some hot spring resort. Departure tomorrow saturday, at about 9:30am from the parking circle. The drivers may have to gather earlier...

If you are interested, please let us know asap so that we can organize the cars.

Update - we are trying to get more vehicles!

Tom's Car

1. Nick G

2. Sarah

3. Dan

4. Nick A.

Christa's Car

5. Matteo

6. Riccardo

7. Priya

8. Tom

Still needs a car:


10. Jasmeen

11. Vanessa

12. Benji

Your Paleo-team

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

JP is going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning! Anyone want to come along? Meet 10:00am in the parking circle. There's food and all sorts of good things to buy to support our local economy, so if you'd like to sleep in and get breakfast there that might be an option...

Car 1: JP's Camry (5 seats)


2. Vikram

3. Aleksandra



6. Xue (I'll run down and join you guys there).

El Rancho de las Golondrinas

JP is going to take a trip out to [Golondrinas Museum] and a tour of La Cienega on Saturday. Maybe we'll do a bit of hiking and find some petroglyphs. Meet up at 12:30 in the coffee shop.

Car 1: JP's Camry


2. Vikram

3. Xue

4. Fabio

5. Nona (? still not sure)

Rodeo de Santa Fe

We are planning to head to the Rodeo today (June 21) at 6:00p.m. please meet drivers in the parking circle and post your car if you can drive:

Car 1: Juniper's Car

1. Katrien

2. Nick A.

3. Xue

4. Mikkel

Car 1: JP's Car

1. Matteo

2. Avril K.

3. Laurent

4. Marco

Car 1: Sander's Car

1. Georg G.

2. Ben

3. Vanessa

4. Daniel S

Car 1: Joanne's Car

1. Charlie



People who still need rides


Trip to Taos and alpaca farm

(Car is Full now)

I am planning to rent a car to visit Taos and a alpaca farm this saturday June 23.
The alpaca farm in my plan is Victory Ranch.
The car should be able to carry 5 people and let's share the cost.
1. Jianfeng Xu
2. Xin lu
3. Si Tang

Trip to a museum

On weekend (Saturday?) I'm planning to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum; after that I'm going to see some more of Santa Fe (no plan yet -- waiting for proposals).

For anyone interested: bus leaves from Museum Hill @ 1043am; I will be waiting in the parking circle from 1030am.

Cheers, Piotr

Road Trip to Boulder, Colorado

From Gareth: Hi all, I'm planning on making a trip up to Boulder, CO for the weekend. It's about a 6 1/2 hr drive from Santa Fe and I'll be renting a car. My main reason for the trip is to see a friend of mine so you might have to sort your own accommodation (camping/youth hostel/hotel). We're planning on a bit of hiking nearby. The plan is to leave straight from class on Friday evening and arrive back in Santa Fe on Sunday eve. If you're interested in splitting petrol and rental fee and joining me for some Springsteen singalongs then sign up:





Some Banjo fun out on the town

My brother will be having a concert this Saturday June 16 at the Second Street Brewery (original location) from 6-9p.m. I will be at the parking circle at 6p.m. For those who do not sign up for a car don't forget Friday and Saturday $5 cabs.

Todd and the Fox Venue Details

To hear their music

If anyone would like to join:

Car 1: Juniper's Car

1. Katrien (not sure if we'll be back from the lake trip by 6pm. Somebody can take my place if they want.) back up: Georg Weber

2. Marque

3. Sarah

4. Marco


Swing dancing on Monday 18th June. Lessons from 7 to 8 P.M. Dancing from 8 on wards. The cost is $8 including the lesson and dancing (or $3 for the dancing). Venue: Odd Fellows Hall, 1125 Cerrillos Road. We have not yet decided on transportation. We could either take a cab or walk -- Let's try to decide during dinner. Sign up below if you are interested:

1.Vikram -- Slightly biased towards taking the lesson.
2. Xue -- dancing, though not a strong preference.
3. Mark - I could use a lesson, or twelve. Do we have transportation?
4. Chloe -- would rather walk down with everyone than skip the lesson.
5. Aleksandra -- would try lesson, may be stay for dancing.

PS: If you are on the edge because you want to attend the session on "Introduction to Python". I would be happy to walk you through the basics of Python at a later time. -- Vikram

PPS: how about a Dancing Python lunch tomorrow? I can do intro tutoring too. --Chloe

Other varieties --

There's a contra on the 23rd; swing dancing most Mondays; this is supposed to be a great tango town, and the drop-in-friendly beginner class on Thursday PM was good ($20, though).

swing, salsa, tango

contras, here and ABQ

We've heard great Appalachian-style folk musicians here already, but I haven't found a ceili or hoedown locally.


Trip to Taos

JP and Tom are going to go to Taos on Saturday 6/16. Sights to see will include the High Road to Taos, Taos Pueblo, the Taos Gorge, Taos Earthships, and the plenty of Taos Hippies.
Car 1: JP's Camry


Car 2: Tom's Car
2 Miguel
3 Riccardo
4 Priya

From Andres: I'm sorry... I decided to stay tomorrow at St. John's. I'm very sorry to letting you know so late...! I want to rest, and there is some work I'd like to do... From Nick: Same for me guys. I feel exhausted. Sorry for telling you so late. Enjoy!

Trip to Abiquiu

We are organizing a trip to lake Abiquiu this weekend. ATTENTION ATTENTION! Drivers (Christa, Fabio, John, Tom and David) will meet at 8:30 tomorrow morning (Saturday), and will go with Christa to town to rent 4 cars. We'll pick the others up at 9:30. Those in Christas car, meet at 9am. See you tomorrow!













Ian (if there is any room)

Vanessa (ditto)

Christa (my car seats 5 including me, but I want to stop by Los Alamos to pick up my dog on the way. That adds ~30 min to the drive. "Christa's Honda has manual transmission. do we need a second driver on the car who can drive a stick shift car?" "Yes"- Christa

1. Christa

2. Xue (though I'm also willing to be a driver if necessary)

3. Katrien

4. Jianfeng Xu

5. Xin


Nick A

Bandelier Field Trip

Bandelier Field Trip Trip to Bandelier National Monument on Sat. June 9. We might string a visit to the Valles Caldera and Bradbury Science Museum/Los Alamos in as well. If another group would like to stay around Bandelier, we can split up.

Head over to the Bandelier Trip Page to sign up!


JP is a huge fan of Mafia/Werewolf. Let's play a game sometime in the lower commons.

Let's meet Saturday evening at 8:00 in the lower commons for our first game.

- Ryan is down for this.

- Jasmeen is also a big fan of Mafia.

- Ian has never played, but is interested

- Vikram is interested in learning the game.

- Tom F. would like to join and can also teach "The Resistance" a very similar game

- Katrien wants to play too


Anyone up for a friendly game of soccer? We can check out equipment from the gym.

[Team: Continuous!]
1. Piotr
2. Marco
[Team: Discrete!]
1. Fabio
2. Matteo