Complex Systems Summer School 2012

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Complex Systems Summer School 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Complex Systems Summer School!

Please stay tuned as we add more content to these pages.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in June.

Sander Bais,

Program Director, 2012 SFI Complex Systems Summer School

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1) goals of the school:

• For you to come away with much more and much deeper understanding of the range, significance, and current directions of complex systems science. • To help provide new ideas and tools for understanding complex (biological, social, financial, computational, physical) systems and their behavior. This will be facilitated by working on a multidisciplinary project covering the full length of the school. • For you to find novel ways to apply the information and methods you learn here in your own research context. • To form a horizontal transdisciplinary network with fellow participants sharing insights, experiences, and inspiration.

Sander Bais Welcome Remarks