Zoe Henscheid

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Hi, I am Zoe and I am a senior artificial intelligence engineer for the MITRE Corporation. I am joining the SFI CSSS through a Business Network relationship between SFI and MITRE.

Main Interests

I currently am working in agent-based model formulation, development and analysis related to military course of action analysis and system-of-systems analysis. I am interested in group formation and dynamics, as well as how ideas/attitudes spread through a group and how this dynamic can be influenced in various ways.


I have an Industrial Engineering background with an emphasis on Operations Research and Systems Analysis. I am experienced in developing agent-based models in NetLogo.


I am looking forward to learning much more about complex systems and how to apply the theory and analysis tools to sponsor-relevant problems. Also, I am looking forward to meeting and collaborating with all of you who are interested in complex systems! (Oh – and I love to hike and bicycle as well - so am hoping to link up many of you who have those same interests!)


Currently, I am not sure what I want to pursue project-wise during the CSSS - but there are many great ideas out there right now.