Piotr Milanowski

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Hi everybody! My name is Piotr (Peter) and I'm a first year PhD student here, at the University of Warsaw.
I graduated from a Physics Department with a specialization in Biomedical Physics. My MSc thesis concerned changes in human EEG during a visual stimulation, and I finished it during an internship in Philips Research Europe in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).
I worked for some time on Brain-Computer Interfaces, but my PhD project deals more with modelling. For now, it evolves around a model that simulates epilepsy-attack behavior in an EEG signal. I'm trying to check if methods known from catastrophe theory can detect the onset of attacks.
I'm hoping that CSSS will provide me with tools that will help me with this task.
I'm quite proficient with mathematics and statistics (including some knowledge of stochastic (Markov) processes), signal analysis and have basic (but still growing) knowledge of the catastrophe theory (it is still somewhat new to me). Plus whatever more comes from being a physicist :)

I'm excited about this journey. Not only because of the knowledge I'm hoping to gain and meeting new people, but also because this will be my first visit to the USA.
Still, not looking forward to my 15 hour flight...