Xin Wang

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It's me

Hello everybody!

Personal Information

  • Name: Xin Wang -- pronouced like /ʃɪn/
  • Education: a first-year PhD student at Complex Systems Research Center, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My undergraduate major is computing mathematics.
  • Research Fields: evolutionary game theory, multi-agent systems (of course).
  • Language: Chinese (native), English (not real) and Japanese (a little).
  • E-mail:

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My research interests

I am very interested in the emergence of altruistic behaviors from self-interested individuals in the framework of intervention by mathematical analysis and agent-based modelling. I am trying to know the role of intervention in the evolution. In addition, I am also very interested in the consensus of multi-agent systems.

My expertise brought to the group

  • Graph algorithms, optimization algorithms and etc.
  • Programming by Java, C and Python in Linux and familiar with windows sdk programming
  • Nonlinear dynamics and statistics

The thing I hope to get out of the CSSS

  • Frontier researches and better understanding in complex systems
  • New mathematical tools for making analysis
  • Enjoyment of collaboration

The project in my mind

I don't have the exact one, but it'd better make the practical sense and activate each member's strength.

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Personal attributes

When encountering the talkive person, I am talkive; when meeting the quiet, I am quiet.

I like singing and hiking, but most of songs I sing are Chinese songs.

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