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Margreth Keiler suggested an overnight trip to White Sands National Monument; how about the weekend of Friday June 19 - Sunday June 21 (dates TBD - Tom suggested to do it in a 2-day trip though some people might want to make it 3-day). Please sign up here so we know who's going. Wendy Ham: This is actually in conflict with the rafting trip - should we plan for the weekend of June 26 instead?

There is a Dunes Drive and also walks (marked trails) with spectacular scenery.

Also: If you have a car, please let us know. The more cars, the more people.

Note: Cars aren't "assigned", the seats are just so we know if we have enough space.

  • I suggest you make this a two-day trip to Carlsbad Caverns (~5 hour drive on Saturday) and then take in White Sands on Sunday on your way back up to Santa Fe. Excellent weekend trip. john paul


Google maps estimates the 320 mile trip at about 5.5 hours.

Car 1: Daniel's Car, going to GREAT SAND DUNES CO, camping: 4 seats

The plan is to drive up to Great Sand Dunes early Saturday AM, hike in to a backcountry site and camp Saturday night. Possibly driving through Taos on the way back Sunday.

1 Daniel Wuellner

2 Steven Lade

3 Almut Brunner


Car wait list

1 Margreth Keiler

2 Massimo Mastrangeli

3 Wendy Ham

4 Chang Yu

5 Brian Hollar

6 Angela Onslow

7 Murad Mithani

8 Wei Ni

9 Guimei Zhu


Daniel Wuellner I have a two-person tent if we decide to camp (at the (rainy) moment I'm ambivalent about camping).

Steven Lade I also have a two-person tent (and a tarp, if a third person wants to bivvy). I'm keen to camp at the backcountry campsite, I think it would be awesome -- although I'm aware not everyone may share this opinion!

Wendy Ham I'm also open to staying at a nearby hotel. There are several inns around, approximately $60/night, which we can split.

Margreth Keiler I did not bring any thing for camping and therefore I would join the 'hotel' group.

Angela Onslow I'd also like to join the hotel group :)

Guimei Zhu hotel group:)


Steven Lade Be aware it is going to be hot. I looked at a forecast for the nearby town of Alamogordo. Daily maxima are around 38 degC (100 degF) and overnight minima still 20 degC (68 degF). I suggest those who want to walk (of whom I am one) do most of our walking early morning, or at night if we're allowed.

Margreth Keiler: Carlsbad Carverns: If we want to go there (I like caves ;-)). I recommend a guided tour, therefore we need to meet the schedule of tours and make reservations. There are fees for the entry and the tours, but June 20-21, 2009 (Father’s Day weekend!!!) is fee-free weekend (for the entrance fees) in most of the National Parks. In contrast to the White Sands the temperature is in the caves about mean annual temperature (~ 19 °C).

Steven Lade Unless we're prepared to make a very early start on Saturday, I suggest we drive at least some of the way to the caves on Friday night. Saturday, see the caves, drive over to White Sands in the afternoon/evening. Do some walking Sunday morning, then drive back to Santa Fe Sunday afternoon. Sound good?