Murad Mithani

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Hi All,

I am a 1st year phd student at RPI (Troy, USA) in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and am originally from Pakistan. I did my bachelors in applied mathematics (looooong time ago) and have worked with Shell, AMZ, and Dunkin Donuts at various positions in Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and UK.

Having worked for 10 years before returning to school, I have lost my ability to sit quietly on a wooden chair for 3 hours and am usually good in testing the patience of most professors by asking a lot of stupid questions. I love to travel, try new things in life, experiment with various foods and absolutely love sweets.

My email is: or if you are really bored with life and can do anything to waste your time, call me at: +1.216.965.9722

P.S. I am thinking about driving from New York to New Mexico if I find a few friends interested in sharing the driving load. Please let me know if any of you are planning for something similar.

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