Chang Yu

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Hi, I'm Chang, a first-year postgraduate student from Harbin Institute of Technology,China.I major in Public Policy Analysis.In my eyes, the beauty of complex systems is that simple rules can generate complicated and amazing systems, resulting in eternal novelty and new emergence.

I’m a new agent in complex science. It will be thrilling that talking,discussing and learning with you guys in SFI. Here are the answers to Dan's questions.

1、 What are your main interests?

My main research direction is social policy simulation. And I focus on the complex system when observing and modeling people in policy system. Also I’m doing some research on industrial networks. My concern is how to use policies to improve the sustainability and resilience of general infrastructures.

2、 What sorts of expertise can you bring to the group?

I’m a social science girl and good at methods in this area. I have worked on policy simulating and computer modeling in the projects which were based on the complex adaptive system.

3、 What do you hope to get out of the CSSS?

I hope to have a big leap forward on the understanding of complex system, especially on the modeling in social science. I want to know how to approach and model the behaviors of human and social network from complex adaptive system perspective. The complex thing in policy analysis is that anything involving human behavior has so many variables. Under different policies, agents,stakeholders, show different behaviors and their intricate relationships emerge different results. I think the complex system perspective is a great breakthrough point on how to analyze social issues more reliably and factually.

Also I like to be inspired by all kinds of fantastic, brilliant and crazy ideas from multi-discipline discussion and group working.

4、 Do you have any possible projects in mind for the CSSS?

My potential project is about modeling people’s behaviors, strategies and social emergence. Now I’m working on an educational policy project. The research objects are marginalized students under Chinese elite education. I participated in the field research around the marginal teenagers for six months. Data and information collection in primary stage have been done. I wanna to use agent-based modeling to analyze this educational problem, especially making the rules between students, teachers and schools from complex system perspective. And I’m trying to construct a visual animation interface to simulate the policy effects on marginal teenagers.

I love skating and skiing. Apparently neither of these can be done in desert,(∩_∩). I guess we may have plans to climb mountains or hiking or hanging out somewhere. Please feel free to contact me:

I am looking forward to meeting you all soon in June. (Is there anyone who flies from China? Ok, I don’t think so.)