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CSSS Santa Fe 2009

This is a trip up to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. It's a comfortable 3-4 hour drive and worth seeing some spectacular sand dunes in the middle of a mountain range. One group will be an overnight camping group and the other will take a day trip up and return Saturday evening, stopping for a lovely dinner in the picturesque town of Taos.

Car 1: Daniel's Car, going to GREAT SAND DUNES CO, camping: 4 seats

The plan is to drive up to Great Sand Dunes early Saturday AM, hike in to a backcountry site and camp Saturday night. Possibly driving through Taos on the way back Sunday.

Steve and Daniel both have 2-person tents, so we can definitely accommodate 2 more people. If you're interested you may be able to borrow a backpack and sleeping gear from one of the other outdoorsy folk not going, but no guarantees :-)

1 Daniel Wuellner

2 Steven Lade



Car wait list

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! Dave joined and he has a car, therefore Brian will rent two cars. Brian got the cars and we can go!!!!!!!!!!

WE MEET AT 6.15 am in front of the Student Center.

For this one-day trip we will stop to buy some water and food for breakfast and lunch and coming back Saturday afternoon/early evening for a dinner in Taos. We will arrive late at night in Santa Fe. Please contact Brain or Margreth for details.

1 Margreth Keiler

2 Massimo Mastrangeli

3 Wendy Ham

4 Chang Yu

5 Brian Hollar

6 Angela Onslow

7 Murad Mithani

8 Wei Ni

9 Guimei Zhu

10 Almut Brunner

11 Roozbeh Daneshvar

12 Dave Brooks with a car

13 David Jones

Roozbeh Daneshvar says: Mei's name is here but as far as I know she had decided not to come.


Daniel Wuellner I have a two-person tent if we decide to camp (at the (rainy) moment I'm ambivalent about camping).

Steven Lade I also have a two-person tent (and a tarp, if a third person wants to bivvy). I'm keen to camp at the backcountry campsite, I think it would be awesome -- although I'm aware not everyone may share this opinion!