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Hi, everyone, ^_^ so nice to meet you here, I am Guimei (call me "May" is ok), a second year Ph.D student of NUS Graduate School for integrative sciences and engineering, National University of Singapore(NUS).

My research interests include but not limited to complex networks, nonlinear dynamics,systems biology and traditional Chinese medicine, in particularly the acupuncture. To my understanding, it may be understood from the context of complex networks.

I have been working in a highly inter-disciplined group underProf. Li Baowen, who is one of the founding fathers of the emerging field “Phononics”. The group has about 30 members including visitors, postdocs, Ph.D students, undergraduate students and even high school students. They come from different background, such as physics, biology, electronic engineering, and material science and engineering … I really enjoy such academic atmosphere and it is why I am so enthusiastic to join Santa Fe’s summer school.

In the past two years, when i done my master at University of Science and Technology of China(USTC),I have used the physics approach such as the concept of Anderson localization, structure entropy etc to study the dynamics of complex network, and have already done the works " Localizations on complex networks" and something about fractal.

I hope I can work with people from different background to study a common interested problem from different approaches from this summer school, so that I will learn to look the same problem from different angles, and of course, I will see how my physics background can be used to solve other relevant problems.

In addition to research, I love life, love to boil soup (included red beans, black beans.....) and cook delicious meals according to recipes from the traditional Chinese medicine. I am also very amazing about the foot reflexology.

I also like to play Badminton, YOGA, Belly dance, singing, reading novels, and travel~~

Please do not hesitate to contact me even just say hello:

The three pictures are learning chinese traditional medicine well to be good looking ^_^

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