CSSS 2007 Santa Fe-Final Papers

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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

Accuracy Versus Efficiency in Animal Group Movement by R. A. Chisholm and E. B. Mullane.

Battle of the Civilisations: A Game-theoretic Approach to Modelling Globalisation by Amelie Veron, Alex Healing, Monika Piotrowska, Hannah Cornish, and Ryan Chisholm.

A Calibrated Cellular Automata Model of in vitro Multicellular Spheroid Tumour Growth by Monika Joanna Piotrowska and Simon D. Angus.

Clientelism, Income Inequality, and Social Preferences: An Evolutionary Approach to Poverty Traps by Jorge Andres Gallego.

Computational Mechanics and Information Measures in Food Webs by O. Bochmann, J. T. Lizier, J. Mahoney, G. Obernosterer, and J. Pahle.

Computer Simulation of Cellular Slime Molds by Johan Nystrom, William Ludington, Natasha Qaisar, Daniel Lester, and Ryan Chisholm.

Computer Terminal Placement and Workflow in an Emergency Department: An Agent-based Model by Mollie R. Poynton, Vikas M. Shah, Rhonda BeLue, Ben Mazzotta, Heather Beil, and Saleha Habibullah.

Ecosystem Resilience and the paradox of Enrichment by R. A. Chisholm and E. Filotas.

Effects of Simulated Brain Damage on Small-World Neural Networks by Kristen Fortney, Juergen Pahle, Jose Delgado, Gregor Obernosterer, Vikas Shah, Michael Wojnowicz, and Natasha Qaisar.

The Emergence of Cognitive Diversity in Idea Markets by Paul Dwyer.

Evaluating Interdisciplinarity with Social Network Analysis by Mollie R. Poynton and Amir Goldberg.

Evolving Optimal Stochastic Search Strategies by Yael Artzy-Randrup, Frederic Bartumeus, Elise Filotas, and Joshua Payne.

Exploring Healing Strategies for Random Boolean Networks by Christian Darabos, Alex Healing, Tim Johann, Amitabh Trehan, and Amélie Véron.

Genotype or Phenotype?: The Conflation of Two Concepts in Evolutionary Agent-based Modeling by Will Braynen, Simon Angus, Paul Dwyer, Mollie Poynton, Alejandro Balbin, and Risi Kondor.

Human Random Search Strategies in a Soccer Field by Yael Artzy-Randrup, Frederic Bartumeus, and John Mahoney.

Interacting Brains: The Dynamics of Belief among Reasoning Agents by John Mahoney and Kai Spiekermann.

Let Us Date!: A Model of Dating by Amitabh Trehan and Wenyun Zuo.

Limits of Prediction in Modeling Social Systems by Andrew Bell and Daniel H. Neilson.

The Many Roots of Complexity Science by Joseph K. DeRosa.

A New Approach to Modeling Social Institutions Using Artificial Neural Networks by Simon Angus, Andrew Bell, Paul Hooper, Elizabeth Mullane, and Rafal Raciborski.

The Non-trivial Random Walk of Stock Prices: Sign-size Dependence by Gabriele La Spada and Javier Vicente.

A Simple 2-D Model of Cardiac Tissue Conduction by Nathan Menke, M.D.; Simon Angus; Kathryn Cooper; and Vikas Shah, M.D., Ph.D.

A System Dynamics Model of Smoking Prevalence in Pakistan by Heather Beil, Rhonda Belue, and Saleha Naghmi Habibullah.