CSSS 2007 Santa Fe-Projects & Working Groups

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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

Project Ideas Culled from Responses to Dan's Questions


Project Groups

Suggestion (simon): how about authors placing these under sub-headings to make organisation of groups easier? Say.. (apologies for making a wrong-binning.. feel free to change!)

General Complexity Theory

Socio-Techno Networks

Socio-Economic Systems


Stochastic searches

Biological (human)

Biological (non-human)



Information Theory

Toys for file sharing and collaboration

This website provides 2GB of free file storage. You can create public URLs for files you have posted there, and email the links to your working groups. In this way, you can share documents with your team and still avoid linking your files to a public web page. You can share links to either individual files, or to folders containing files you wish to share. I hope this is a useful service for your team members. I hold no stock in or its parent companies.

Benmazzotta 00:27, 8 June 2007 (MDT)