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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

The final product

Final design: summary

This design idea was chosen by wisdom of the crowd (i.e. a path-dependent democratic process)
Front of t-shirt: breast pocket logo.
Back of t-shirt: ants on a page.
Color: black print on a light solid color (the printer referred to this color as "stone green" but I think sage green might be a bit more descritively accurate).

Front of t-shirt

Back of t-shirt

This is a picture of a real ant that visited us in the cafe late Monday night while we were working on the t-shirt design. (And yes, the ant was at least that big.)

The background is from the following paper: "Practical implementation of nonlinear time series methods: The TISEAN package", Hegger, Kantz and Schreiber. CHAOS 9 (1999) 413, September 1998.


Designers: Will Braynen with technical help from Will Ludington. Also big thanks to Dan and Kai for the winning design idea, as well as help and other input / support from Monika, Simon, the whiteboard brain-stormers, and everyone who voted.
Printer: Santa Fe Sports and Images
Live model: CSSS ant.

Other suggested designs

CSSS 2007 Santa Fe-Suggested t-shirt designs