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CSSS 2006 Santa Fe

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  • 2006-6-19: A plan of attack
  1. The evolution of cooperation in a fixed-rule network: See whether cooperation can evolve in a population of individuals with a fixed rule for forming connections (Juan, Adrian and Matina)
  2. The effect of different network growth rules: Look at the structure of networks formed with a variety of rules for making connections, and try to determine the best way to parameterize such a rule (Greg, Nikhil, and Matina)
  3. Look at the coevolution of cooperative behavior and the rules for making connections
  • 2006-06-13: First base model is put together in Repast.
  1. We're doing a literature review - with three lines on why each paper we find is interesting
  • 09 06 06 Summary of our ideas so far
  1. to look at a system where the network structure affects how nodes behave, and where nodes' behaviour affects network structure. Feedback between levels of organisation.
  2. to look at functional measures/ measures of performance at node, community and network level. Levels of selection.
  3. to look within this framework at tradeoffs between beneficial spread from individual to individual (eg useful information), and harmful spread (eg viruses)

Group: Matina, Juan, Adrian, Nikhil, Greg