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CSSS 2006 Santa Fe

All contributions welcome! Do not forget witful subtitles ;-)

We could do one page per event. When posting into an event, just indicate your name and number of photo posted on each line pointing to the event.


  • June 21th-Wednesday Bela Fleck Concert: Tamas(52)
  • June 24th-Taos and Rio Grande:


  • June 27th-Sunday Night Life Movies (MPlayer):

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I'm going to have to break with Fabrice's format, since all of mine are together, but if you follow the first or second link, they tell a story! I update the page every day, so check back to see more photos.

A few pics from my first film, more to come. Greg. [6]

Some of my pictures. Enjoy! david's fotos

Some of mine too: Andreea's fotos

Mine never made it on to the DVD, so here they are: Alessandro's Photos