CSSS 2006 Santa Fe-Readings

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CSSS 2006 Santa Fe

Herein, find both background readings for the lectures as well as (when possible) links to the actual slides from the presentations.

Week One: Background and Biology

For Elizabeth Bradley's talks: (1)

For Owen Densmore and Steve Guerin's talks: (1)

For Alfred Hubler's talks:
(2) (Dr Hubler's notes from his lectures here)

PPT of Second of Alan Perelson's two lectures on virus models: (1)

For Peter Stadler's talks: (1)

PDF for Stadler talks on RNA: (1)

Stadler, Peter F. "RNA Bioinformatics." PDF

For Andreas Wagner's talks: (1)

PDF for Wagner talks on biological networks: (1)

Week Two: Ecology

For Tom Carter's talks (updated 5/16/06): (1)

For Gidon Eshel's talks: (1)

For Neo Martinez's and Jennifer Dunne's talks: (1)

PPT For Neo Martinez's and Jennifer Dunne's talks: (2)

Software and demos from Neo's talks: (2) (2)

For Mark Newman's talks: (1)

Mark Newman's slides - available only as hardcopy

Week Three: Learning

PPT for Duncan Watts's talk: (1)

For George Cybenko's talks: (1)

PPT for George Cybenko's talks: (1)

For Jessica Flack's talks: (1)

For John Lafferty's talks: (1)

(2) ppt for Lafferty's talks available in hardcopy only

For John Miller's talks: (1)

(2) ppt for Miller's talks available in hardcopy only

For Melanie Mitchell's talks: (1)

For Larry Polansky's talks: (1)

Dan Rockmore's talk: (1) available in hardcopy only

Eric Smith's talks: (1)

Week Four: Computational Neuroscience and Quantum Computing

Tony Bell's talks: (1) (2) (3)

For Carlton Caves's talks: (1)

Caves's lectures (and others): (1)

For Rob de Ruyter's talks: (1)

For Cris Moore's talk: (1)

Cris Moore's talk: (1)

For Bruno Olsahusen's talks: (1)

Olshausen's talks: (1) (2) (3)