Final Papers

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A Comparative Analysis of Reputation Mechanisms for Social Networks K. Anderson; J. Lafky; A. Stout; J. Waddell

Effects of Nutrient Limitation on the Dynamics of an Estuarine Food Web S. Arndt; W. Burnside

A Stochastic Modeling Framework for Regulatory Networks Applied to the Yeast Cell Cycle S. Braunewell; B. Chapados; S. Fallert; C. Neugebauer

Homophily and Structure in Multiplex Networks B. Chaudhry; C. Marton; H. Shepherd

An Optimization Algorithm Based on the Small-World Phenomenon H. Du; J. Shao; M. Feldman

Community Structure in Small-World and Scale-Free Networks H. Du; M. Feldman; S. Li; X. Jin; Z. Yue

Exploring the Delay Embedding of an Electroencephalogram Signal A. Gagliardi

The Dynamics and Semantics of Collaborative Tagging H. Halpin; V. Robu; H. Shepherd

Robustness Analysis of the Heat Shock Response using semiquantitative Reasoning H. Koeppl; S. Schindler; E. Kashefi; C. Messina; V. Danos

Human Navigational Heuristics in Solving the Euclidean Travelling Salesman Problem T. Makany; M. Makowsky

An Agent Based Model of Crisis-Driven Migration M. Makowsky; J. Tavares; T. Makany; P. Meier

Conflict Events-Data and Network Analysis: A Case Study of Afghanistan P. Meier; E.A. Leicht

Complexity in Corn Fields C. Messina; A. Chavoya

Complexity, Identity & Delegation L. O'Brien

Predicting Time Series of Complex Systems D. Rojas; L. Kroc; M. Thaler

An agent-based model of forest use with social learning A. Stake

RNAnet – A RNA Based Toy Model to Study Biological Networks A. Tanzer; Andreea Munteanu

Neuro-Cellular Automata: Connecting Cellular Automata, Neural Networks and Evolution J. Tavares; C. Kreutzer; A. Fedor

A Lower Estimate of the Topological Entropy from Reconstructed Time Series M. Visaya

Diversifying to cope with Environmental Change S. Werners; M. Donaldson

Games on Evolving Networks J. Calderon; A. de Froment; M. Donaldson; G. McInerny; N. Kaza

Preliminary Analysis of Distributional Equivalence in a Model Docking Study B. Tivnan