Complex Systems Summer School 2018-Questions

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Complex Systems Summer School 2018

Questions that come up about anything content-related during the summer school go here. Separated into open questions, questions that may be good for panel discussions, and questions you wish to ask specific speakers.

Open Questions

Panel Questions

  • Publishing in Complex Systems: there seems to be a gulf between the high impact interdisciplinary journals like PNAS, PRX, Nature Comms, etc. and the lower impact complex systems specific journals like Complexity or Complex Systems. This gap is dominated by domain specific journals, and as a result I have found it challenging to publish good, but perhaps not profound, interdisciplinary research. (The only exceptions I know of are perhaps Nature Scientific Reports and Royal Society Interface.) Does the panel have any advice for navigating these challenges?
  • Jessica Flack said that a lot of canonical complexity topics are now mainstream with established texts and disciplines. Where's the edge today? (Bonus: Don't say Blockchain)
  • The Impact of Complexity Science: As SFI is a leading institution furthering research in complexity science, it would be great to hear the panelists' reflections on the impacts that the field has had thus far across different disciplines and sectors beyond academia and where do they identify challenges and opportunities. In which academic disciplines and sectors beyond academia are concepts and tools of complexity science adopted and utIlized, where have they not been accepted, and what might be the panelists' reflections on why that is the case?
  • (How) can we connect theories on different levels of aggregation in a useful way? (without running into weird things like variables causing themselves on different levels/downward causation).

Speaker Questions