Complex Systems Summer School 2018-After Hours

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Complex Systems Summer School 2018

Please use this space to plan social events.

July 4th: Fancy Dinner

JP wants to take people for a fancy dinner and then encounter the uniquely inefficient way American restaurants split a check.

7:30pm, Pink Adobe

JP's Car (5 seats)

  1. JP
  2. Nam
  3. Anastasiya
  4. yuki
  5. simon

JP's Other Car (5 seats)

  1. Rosalba (I can drive)
  2. Ariadna
  3. Carol
  4. Carlos
  5. Maria

Still Needs A Ride

  1. Chathika
  2. Jean Christophe
  3. Nikunj
  4. Subash


July 4th: Independence Day Celebrations!

Check out what's going on at Santa Fe Place mall as they ring in another birthday of the U.S.A. Live music, food trucks, and fireworks at 9:00pm!

Lorenzo's Shuttle (15pps)

3. Vandana
5. Sarah
6. Alex
7. Shantal
9. Matt
10. Patricia
11. Yanchen

Still Needs A Ride
1. Ben
3. Kofi
4. Maria
5. Guillaume
6. Duy
7. Ada
8. Nikunj
9. Amy
10. Jared
11. Alice

Santa Fe Brewing Tours

On Saturdays at 12pm — who’s in?
1. R Maria
2. Sandra
3. Alan
4. Shantal

Santa Fe Opera

There are a number of shows going on at the Santa Fe Opera.

The ones occurring during CSSS 2018 are

1. Candide, June 29, 8:30pm
2. Madame Butterfly, June 30, 8:30pm
3. Candide, July 4, 8:30pm

Tickets begin at $54. Get tickets soon, before they sell out.

Candide, July 4th
1. Kevin Comer, Seat FF-54
2. Magdalena Klemun, Seat MC-42

Madame Butterfly, June 30, 8:30pm
1. Alan Pacheco
2. Andres Ortiz

Earthships in Taos

For those of us heading to the spiritual retreat in Taos, let's take a short trip to the Earthships ( We're still working out whether or not we can get a guided tour, but we will at least do the self-guided 1.5 hour tour.

Jordan's car:
1. Jordan
2. Chris
3. Allie
4. Simon
5. George

Lazy Yak Ranch and Colorado Hiking

As many of you have heard, Alex's 5-year quest to track down yak butter in the US (and Europe) is about to come to a close. We will drive up to Del Norte, Colorado early on Saturday, June 30th (~3hr drive, going up through Carson National Forest), hike in some of the canyons in the area, and visit Lazy Yak Ranch in the afternoon, where we will get to meet Amy Archer, who runs the place, and spend some quality time with her yaks. We will get a full yak-milking tutorial (though, much to my disappointment, because a lot of the process is mechanized, we likely will not be touching yak udders). From here, we will likely get dinner in town, before driving back for the evening, getting some star-gazing in on the way.

Here's a description of a proposed hike (open to other suggestions!):
"Penitente Canyon is a 5.4 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Del Norte, Colorado that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail."

And here's a link to the Yak Farm:

Here's a sign up for the event... Please note if you have a car, as this will be used to figure out our car-rental situation. No hard cap on how many can come, so feel free to add more numbers!
1. Alex
2. Louisa
3. Xindi
4. Carlos
5. Shantal
6. Thushara (driver)
7. Matt

Completed Events

Duy's is going into town for the dinner event instead of taking the shuttle if folks want to stay later in town afterwards. Meet at the 1st floor at 5PM

Duy's car (5 seats)


Meow Wolf

Meow wolf is an immersive art thing and it has story in it as well (some mystery of Selig family)!


With the chaos of going to Meow wolf, let’s make time slots and get a head count (there is group discount price)

Early in the morning, tentatively leave at 9:30AM (it opens at 10:00AM, it will be less crowded around that time), also after that, we could head downtown

WE ARE GATHERING AT 9:15AM in the front!

1. Xindi
2. Yanchen
3. Sasha
4. Ricky
5. Jacob

Go to Santa Fe in the morning/at noon to spend time in the city and then enter meow wolf in the late afternoon and stay until the DJ thing

1. Sarah B.
2. Xindi (could also do this)
5. Kevin
6. Cesar
7. Yuki

"Evening, 7:00PM (depart from iaia at 6:30pm after short dinner)

2. Chathika
4. Guillaume
5. Cesar
6. Sandra

Late at night, 9:30PM (mainly for the DJ thing, the Meow wolf closes at 10:00PM)


People with cars

1. Laura

List from before

1. Laura
2. Xindi
3. Yanchen
4. Sarah (Berkemer)
5. Niccolo
6. Ricky
7. Allie
8. Kevin
9. Zohar
10. Cedric
11. Alan
12. Sanna
13. Andrea
14. Kostantinos

Jemez Hot Springs

New plan: since the free hot springs are on public land, they are all closed due to fire danger :( instead go on a hike to Diablo Canyon ( 8-ish mile trail, an hour drive from IAIA). Definitely need water, good shoes, sunscreen! Find Sasha or Amy at brunch to figure out car assignments.

Any chance we could go to the Giggling springs instead to keep the plan for a relaxing activity? Also, is Lavender Fest still part of the plan, as a bunch of us wanted to see that before the hot springs? - Let's coordinate over brunch!

(Planning a trip to Jemez Hot Springs this Sunday 6/17 (about 40 mins away). It might be cooler on Sunday after the storm, so it's a good time to get into hot pools of water....

We can go to the more official spa place "Giggling Springs" ($25/hour) or to primitive hot springs nearby (free, no facilities, bit of hiking required on the approach)

please indicate interest below :) tentatively planning to leave before noon.)

Anyone up for visiting the Lavender Festival before? Maybe around 11am?

Hi guys - I'm flexible on leaving time and would enjoy the lavender festival, but want to try the hiking hot springs (not the pay ones). If that sounds good, let me know. We can always split up the cars too. Also, since brunch/breakfast starts at 11, I would like to eat, so maybe leave at 11:20? --Amy

1. Sasha
2. Sanna
4.Sarah B.
5. Anastasiya

Did someone say hot springs?!?! I'm there.

JP's Car
3. Cesar
4. Elan
5. Inga

More people interested? Shall we rent a car?
1. Eleonora
2. Chathika
3. Nam Le
4. Carlos
5. Amy *I can drive!*
6. Rosalba
7. Evgenia

Saturday Walkabout

JP is going on a walkabout: Farmer's Market, lunch somewhere downtown, then out to El Rancho De Las Golondrinas for the Lavender Festival.

JP's VW Golf-ish

3. Sanna
4, Anastasiya
5. Ariadna

JP's "This thing is a beast!" 4Runner.
Cat is keen to go to the Farmer's market then to an easy hike (weather permitting). There is also a big summer solstice festival at the Sikh community with dance and music that could be interesting to check out.

2.R Maria
5. Yuki

Duy's Car
Planning on leaving at 9:30

1. Duy
2. Shantal

Still needs a ride.
1. Javier
2. Inga
5. Jonas
6. Eleonora
7. Andrea

White Sands National Monument of New Mexico

Anyone up for visiting the White Sands national monument of New Mexico? It's a roughly four-hour drive and maybe we could drive down on the second or third weekend?

This is an excerpt form the website: "Rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin is one of the world's great natural wonders - the glistening white sands of New Mexico. Great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert, creating the world's largest gypsum dunefield. White Sands National Monument preserves a major portion of this unique dunefield, along with the plants and animals that live here."

And just to tease you, here's a photo:


Interested to visit the White Sands (feel free to add more numbers - we can source cars and drivers accordingly):

Preliminary Schedule

At least for Cars 1, 2, and 4: (unsure about others)
Late Friday OR early Saturday - Leave IAIA for Carlsbad
~11:00am Saturday - Tour Carlsbad
~2:00pm Saturday - Travel to White Sands
~5:30pm Saturday - Arrive at White Sands
Camp at White Sands
Early Morning Sunday - Travel back to IAIA

Cars and Passengers

Car 1 (leaving Saturday at 5:00am)
1. Kevin
2. Shantal
3. Alex
4. Ariadna

Car 2 (leaving Saturday at 5:00am)
1. Subash
2. Neil
3. Magdalena
4. Nikunj
5. Vandana

Car 3 (leaving Saturday at 7:00am, not going to Carlsbad)
1. Chathika
2. Anastasiya
3. Maria
4. Cesar

Car 4. (Leaving Friday after SFI, indifferent re camping / AirBnB, organising camping equipment)
1. Evgenia (any other drivers?)
2. Josefine
3. Louisa
4. Elan

Car 5. (Leaving Friday after SFI)
1. Rishi
2. Javier
3. Saska
4. Peter
5. Rosalba
6. Jonas

Car 6. (Leaving Friday after SFI)
1. Konstantinos
2. Andrea
3. Niccolo
4. Nam
5. Gianrocco
6. Carlos

List from before

1. Sanna
2. Sarah B.
3. Xindi
4. Yanchen
5. Chathika
6. Eleonora (2nd weekend)
7. Ricky
8. Cedric
9. Louisa
10. Anastasiya
11. Ariadna
12. Shantal
13. Alex (2nd weekend)
14. Yuki
15. Cesar
16. Inga (3rd weekend only)
17. Duy (3rd weekend)
18. Andrea
19. Magdalena
20. Carlos
21. Guillaume
22. Neil
23. Maria
24. Alan (2nd weekend)
25. Rosalba
26. Gianrocco
27. Laura (has a car)
28. Kevin
29. Luca

Great Sand Dunes National Park

POSTPONED due to weather! Saturday June 23rd-24th a few of us are planning a day hike out to Great Sand Dunes National Park if it ends up raining or even camping overnight to go climbing the next day newrby. It'll be a 3.5-hour drive and there's a local REI to rent gear if you need.

We have two cars:

1. Duy
2. Chathika
3. Gianrocco ( I prefer 1-day hike, rather than 2 days)
4. Jordan

1. Amy


Apparently the 69th Rodeo dear Santa Fe is happening from June 20-23, so we should go! Tickets are about $20.

Rodeo Sign Up Page!

July 1: JP's FARM!!!

JP is throwing open the gate and having folks over for a Sunday afternoon hang-out. Float in the pond! Stare at cows! See weird bugs!

Visit Ranch Party 2018 page to sign-up!

Santa Fe Wine Festival

It's not soon, but wine not???
1. Sandra
2. Magdalena
3. Anastasiya
4. jenn
5. maria (?)

Dirty Projectors at Meow Wolf

A few of us are buying tickets to see the Dirty Projectors at Meow Wolf after dinner on Thursday, June 28. Tickets are here: and will be cheaper ($20) if you buy them soon, $25 day of.

'"Spiritual Retreat"' near Taos and Hot Springs

We're planning to go the weekend of the 30th (leaving Friday from the SFI institute) to a place a couple hours north. We have an airbnb for ~22 people, with 16 beds + rest on sleeping pads. There are two buildings so people can sleep or party. During the day we can check out Taos Pueblo, go hiking or to ojo caliente. We're also 20min from the border with Colorado. We could even go Friday night to the hot springs.

Slack: #spiritual_retreat

$50/person ($45 for airbnb, $5 for snacks/beers/wine)

1. Pete (p10)
2. Saska (p2)
3. Javier (p1)
4. Catriona
5. Rishi (p12)
6. Jonas (p11)
7. Allie (p9)
8. Niccolo
9. Jordan (p7)
10. Duy (p6)
11. Elan (p11)
12 R Maria (p5)
13. Zohar
14. Guillaume
17. Chathika
18. Cesar
19. Conor
21. Andrea (p3)
24. Louisa
25. Eleonora
26. Kevin (p8)
27. Evgenia
29. Luca
31. Sanna
32. George
33. Amy
34. Inga
35. Chris

Available cars (to see how many we need to rent)
1. Duy
2. Cat
3. Jordan
4. Amy

Jordan's car (leaving Friday evening, returning Sunday in time for JP's ranch party):
1. Jordan
2. Allie
3. Kevin

Waiting list :