Complex Systems Summer School 2018-TShirts

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Complex Systems Summer School 2018

Every year we have a T-shirt design contest where CSSS Students create designs (relevant to the summer school) Please use this space to post your T-shirt design below.

A color will be selected before the summer school begins.

If anybody would like a high-resolution SFI logo, please see JP.

Please submit T-shirt designs here by the afternoon of Monday, 19 June. Voting will be conducted that afternoon

Fractal for scale


Power law scaling of quotes

Front design:

Back design:

Design ideas:
Front: We collect funny or inspiring quotes in the lectures and found they have a "perfect" power law scaling! :P
Back: What Santa Fe Summer school will do to a horse :D
Designer: Yanchen + Xindi + collective contributors for quotes! :D



Chaos-Order Ambigram, Brain-Mazes that are Lorenz-attractor like

or maybe the brains on the back. T-shirt--b.jpg

Chaos is a Ladder

Game of Thrones reference for those not immediately aware... apologies for the giant size, but I'm new to wikis - feel free to shrink down. Also, I have very little artistic/graphics skills (more about the ideas), so feel free to reach out if you want to collaborate! -Alex T shirt back.jpg T shirt front.jpg

Shameless Copy of a (Winning) Design from Last Year

KTC tshirt front.JPG


The idea is to have a continuous flow below and then a discrete-ish / fractal wave above. Improvement of quality is needed though... leaving design here more as future reference. See pdf for higher quality (have also svg file if that helps)
Tshirt2018 12.png File:Tshirt2018 10.pdf

Idea is to have a countinous flow below the text and then the fractal version above text. some ideas for how the continous flow and fractal flow could look like


Prickly Pear Cactus Fractal and Chaos Butterfly

Maybe some of you have also ventured out to look for fractals within the flora around the college and seen the prickly pear cactus in bloom! I sketched a design with the prickly pear having a 'chaos' butterfly feeding from one of its flowers. I also sketched a simpler logo for the back of the shirt and thought that it'd be cool to maybe incorporate our country flags inside the outline of the letter 'C' and some cool patterns from New Mexico native arts inside the outline of the three 'S' letters.

Happy to develop these ideas further and include a funnier slogan (maybe write the current one in logical symbols) or sketch another cactus if you'd prefer a different one! Also, please consider these as sketches - the final images would look more sleek and less like a design on a toddler clothes :)

Frontt.png Backk.png Bothh.png

A Large Porous Umbrella


I love Complexity

This image could go on the back of the t-shirt. Each group could also have its own preferred symbol up front, to capture the essence of the group and to nurture some group identification. The fonts could be changed, obviously. Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.37.44.png

Complex Summer Systems School

  • Front would be SFI logo
  • Back **this is a low res file**

Csss lores tshirt.png

SFI in the brain

CSSS inbrain.png

What is the CSSS, but the people? ***WINNER***

This shirt design draws from the Shakespeare quote cited in Geoffrey West's talk: "What is the city, but the people?" and highlights those who make up our amazing 2018 CSSS family.

On the front of the shirt, each node in the network is a 2018 CSSS student connected not only to the SFI, but also to other students by common place of origin (country or US state).

The back of the shirt has all the names of the students, staff, and speakers (along with a hidden message!) written on the powerful monolithic chalkboard new to the SFI campus. This ensures, to extend David Krakauer's guarantee, that anyone who steps close to you while you wear this shirt will gain an IQ boost!

  • Front:

CSSS 2018 Net Shirt Front Small.png

  • Back:

CSSS 2018 Net Shirt Back Small.png

Complexity @ IAIA

The CSSS is at IAIA for the first time and I think that's great, so I thought we could acknowledge that in the shirt's design. I collected and drew patterns found in Mimbres pottery to draw a basic shape (that's artistic pottery from Native Americans from around the area). Subsequently, I created a Lindenmayer system to generate a fractal from it. The Lindenmayer system is as follows:

axiom = A
rules = { 
          A -> [AraA][l+bB],
          B -> [BraA]

You can check out the code and the basic design on my github or a larger version of the pic .

However, since I don't want to offend anyone, I will check with some students from IAIA this week if using the patterns was done in an appropriate manner. Got one positive reply so far :)

Iaia logo.png

Cup tape mountain

Sunset over a mountain inspired by one of the mountain ranges we can see from campus. The mountain is constructed from pieces of imaginary cup decoration tape, some of which have been cut lengthwise into two or three pieces. Alternatively, the picture is not showing a mountain and a sun, but data / system-behaviour in a coordinate system.


Mountain front.png

Front picture:

Mountain front picture R.png


Mountain back.png

Back picture:

Mountain back picture.png


Front / Back




Bonus psychedelic design after I drank too much coffee:


Another fractal

Front left: