Complex Systems Summer School 2018-Faculty Publications

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Complex Systems Summer School 2018

Suggested readings from faculty go here.

Liz Bradley

Liz's ODE Notes

Paul Hooper

Ecological and Social Dynamics of Territoriality and Hierarchy Formation

A Theory of Leadership in Human Cooperative Groups

Socioecology of Networks

Dynamical Structure of a Traditional Amazonian Social Network

Skills, Division of Labour and Economies of Scale among Amazonian Hunters and South Indian Honey Collectors

Inclusive Fitness and Differential Productivity across the Life Course Determine Intergenerational Transfers in a Small-Scale Human Society

Social and Economic Underpinnings of Human Biodemography

Rajiv Sethi

Stable Sampling Equilibrium in Common Pool Resource Games

Stability of Equilibria in Games with Procedurally Rational Players

What Is Nash Equilibrium?

Simon DeDeo

Simon's user page on the SFI Wiki with links to many of the papers discussed in Monday and Tuesday’s lectures:

From Simon:

"It turns out that there *is* a corpus of Talmudic texts, at

Some analysis has been done on the network structure, see, but I do not believe there has been an analysis that uses the texts themselves, and looks at surprise/KL flows over the structure."

"I believe one student was using OpenStreetMap data for their project; they might find the American Nations book (somewhat pop) a useful source;"