CSSS 2008 Beijing-Final-Papers

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CSSS 2008 Beijing

Communication in Games by Timo Ehrig, Diana Garcia Lopez, Jolie Martin, Peng Peng, and Tong Tong.

Evolution of Game Strategies in Variable Environments: An Experiment Using Finite State Machines by Matt Zimmerman, Olivia Woolley, Tomas Teitelbaum, Seonah Lee, Ignacio Jose Gomez Portillo Funes, Dai Shuan-Ping, and Viviane Callier.

Exploring the Social Network in CSSS 2008 Beijing by Yin Haiping, Rong Zhihai, and Yan Gang.

Global Carbon Flux: Still a Question by Min Yong, Sibylle Braungardt, and Luo Sha.

Maximizing Flow Experience Among Athletes: An Agent-based Modeling Approach by Ying Hwa Kee, Philip Barish, and Lizzie Li.

Modeling Cultural Diversity as a Function of Environmental Stability by Peter Gocev, He Bichen, Reena Patel, Deborah S. Rogers, Sridhar Seshan, and Zhang Na.

Modeling the Effects of Dynamic Drug Treatment on the Evolution of Tumors toward Malignancy by Linda Doan, Matthew Pennington, Jane Wang, and Wang Lin.

Optimization of Drug Cocktails over Dynamically Changing Landscapes during Cancer Evolution by Ralph Lin, Elizabeth Liu, Tak-Sing Wong, and Alex Xu.

How Does SFI Encourage Collaborations? by Wang Jing, Li Bingwei, Eliza Olivia Lungu, Zhang Nan, and Yu Wei.

Structure Formation of Social Network by Du Nan, Feng Hui, Huang Zigang, Sally Maki, Wang Ru, and Zhao Hongxia.