CSSS 2008 Beijing-Highlights

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CSSS 2008 Beijing

- Mmm, the smell of eucalyptus at the Fragrant Villa

- Waking up early to climb up the mountain at 6:30AM (only to get passed by old shirtless men in dress pants). Thank you jet lag.

- Green pea ice cream?

- Jolie's Chinese cocktail: Lychee beer and baiju

- "S***! F***! I forgot my shoes!" - Timo on the bus, half way to the Great Wall

- "Be careful of landslide" - sign in the bathroom

- Eating infinite amounts of food, three times a day

- Buying 14 waters during lunch at the Forbidden City. To, umm, prevent dehydration ;-)

- Swimming by the Great Wall in forbidden waters

- Repeat 100 "So... how's your project going?"

- Alex showing us how it's done at the pool hall

- Oh, that tastes different than it looks.

- Mmm, bitter melon. Take that gut bacteria!

- Sally & Ruby having to get up and dance during the middle of dinner at a not-so-Thai restaurant

- Grace's graceful performances during karaoke

- Random dude's not so graceful karaoke performances

- Looking through 100 dictionaries to find one English-Chinese dictionary with pin yin.

- Showing our skills at swing dancing, tango, and the clubs of Beijing

- Getting served dinner by Kung Fu masters

- Sitting on the round stone and people-watching.

- Dave: "It might be that a long analogy about copying machines isn't necessary to explain multiplication."

- Sally: "It makes me sad that more people don't like Kentucky Fried Chicken."