CSSS 2008 Beijing-Visa

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CSSS 2008 Beijing


All non-Chinese students must have a visa to enter China. Everyone should apply for a tourist visa if his or her country of citizenship allows it. Tourist visas are generally valid for thirty days only. If you are planning to stay longer than thirty days (many past students have traveled in China after the close of the school) please bring extra passport photos to the CSSS. For students who wish to extend their visas once they have entered the country we will organize a trip to the appropriate government agency and bring translators. We cannot guarantee that an extension will be granted, but in the past most students have been successful in their application for an extension.

U.S. citizens will find helpful for their visa application.

For non-Chinese and non-U.S. citizens, please contact the Chinese consulate or embassy in your country for details on visa requirements. Some students may need an official letter of invitation to include with their visa applications, and we can help you obtain a letter from our partners in China. If you need a letter of invitation contact Lee Goodwin ( as soon as possible.

Your visa application may ask for the name and address of the person you are visiting in China. Please use the following:

Dr. Xiaosong Chen

Institute of Theoretical Physics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

55 Zhongguancun Donglu

P.O. Box 2735, Beijing 100080, China

tel: +86-10-62561291(o)

For all students, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain the appropriate visa to enter China. Please start the visa process immediately as it may take time. For students who cannot appear in person to apply for their visa they may use a visa service such as CIBT ( Please note that SFI will NOT reimburse any students for any visa fees or visa service costs.

Please contact Lee ( if you have any questions.