CSSS 2008 Beijing-Projects

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CSSS 2008 Beijing

Here is a handout with guidelines and a timeline for the group projects.

  1. Min Yong (Caspar), Luo Sha (Rosa), and Sibylle Braungardt (Ma Xiao Ling). Carbon flux in wetlands and its effects on global warming. (3)
  2. Jolie Martin, Peng Peng, Tong Tong, Diana Garcia Lopez, Timo Ehrig. Rules of the Game/Dynamic of Promising. (5)
  3. DU Nan, FENG Hui, HUANG Ziyang, RU Wang (Ruby), Sally MAKI, ZHAO Hong Xia (Melissa). Diffusion in Social Networks. (6)
  4. Matt Pennington, Linda Doan, Linda Wang, Jane Wang, and Elizabeth. Genetic Flow, Dynamc Treatment, and Network Group. (5)
  5. Alex Sen Xu, Tak-Sing Wong, Ralph Lin. Engineering, Optimization of Treatment Group (3)
  6. Chris Roberts,Lin Jingyi, Lu Zhentong, Wei Ziqiang. Evolution process of cities in China. (4)
  7. Phil Barish, LI, Xiao ya (Liz), Adrian Kee. Project Topic: Modeling of psychological change across time among finite group of athletes. (3)
  8. CALLIER Viviane, DAI Shuan ping (Shawn), GOMEZ PORTILLO FUNES Ignacio Jose, LEE Seon Ah, TEITELBAUM Tomas, WOOLLEY Olivia Ruth, ZIMMERMAN Matt. Evolution of ... (7)
  9. Deb Rogers, Reena Patel, Sridhar Seshan, Zhang Na, He Bichen (Amy), Petr Gocev. Evolution of cultural diversity in the presence of biodiversity. (6)
  10. Wang Jing (Alex), Yu Wei, Eliza Lungu, Zhang Nan (Scarlett), and Li Bingwei. Formation of global network of SFI. (5)
  11. Yin Haiping, Yan Gang and Rong Zhihai. Exploring and Modelling the Social Network in CSSS2008 Beijing. (3)