Scaling in Biological and Social Networks - Abstracts

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Banerjee, Soumya - TBD

Barthelemy, Marc - Epidemiology and transportation research

Beslon, Guillaume - systems biology, where is the network?

Bettencourt, Luis - Scaling in Urban Organization and Dynamics

Blum, Michael - Phylogenetic tree shape

Bonabeau, Eric - Crashing the Party

Bourgine, Paul - TBD

Brooks, Aaron - TBD

Chavalarias David - Modeling cultural dynamics with metamimetic games : a multi-scale approach

Chertkov, Michael - Physics of Algorithms: Loop Calculus for Graphical Models of Statistical Inference

Clauset, Aaron - Learning the Large Scale Structure of Networks

Cointet, Jean-Philippe - Intertemporal topic correlations in blogs

Doursat, René - Multiscale embryomorphic architectures

Dunne, Jennifer - Scaling in food webs

Gastner, Michael - The design of spatial distribution networks

Girvan, Michelle - TBD

Holme, Petter - Dynamics of networking social agents: from diplomacy to friendships

Kempe, David - TBD

Knibbe, Carole - How the topology of the protein network influences the evolution of genome structure in artificial organisms

Lesne, Annick - Transcriptional regulatory networks and the chromatin fiber

Moore, Cris - The power of choice in social networks

Morvan, Michel - TBD

Moses, Melanie - Scaling of Distribution Networks in Organisms, Societies & Information Systems

Pellegrino, Francois - Sound systems of the world's languages as complex systems

Peyrieras, Nadine - Scaling in biological networks : the perspective of embryonic development

Saia, Jared - Virus vs Anti-virus

Samaniego, Horacio - TBD

West, Geoffrey - TBD