Complex Systems Summer School 2015-Lecture Slides

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Complex Systems Summer School 2015

W. Brian Arthur

Complexity Economics

Sander Bais

Welcome Talk

Andrew Berdahl

Collective Sensing and Intelligence in Animal Groups

Robert Boyd

Liz Bradley

Lecture 1
Lecture 1 Slides

Time Series Analysis reading

ODE Notes (.pdf)

Lecture 2
Lecture 2 Slides

Lecture 3
Lecture 3 Slides

Lecture 4
Lecture 4 Slides

Jim Crutchfield

Lecture 1
Lecture 1 Slides - Computation

Lecture 2
Lecture 2 Slides - Information in Complex Processes

Lecture 3
Lecture 3 Slides - Intrinsic Computation

Simon DeDeo


J. Doyne Farmer

Economics from a physics point of view
Economics from a physics point of view 2
Toward an evolutionary theory of technological change

Walter Fontana


Stephanie Forrest

The Complex Science of Cyberdefense

Mirta Galesic

Social Learning Strategies

Stephen Guerin

Agentscript - Used for SimTable
Fire Model

Josh Grochow

Algorithms in the Real World
First talk slides

NP Completeness - Heavily inspired/stolen with permission from Cris Moore's slides.
Second talk slides

Third talk slides

John Harte

Maximum Entropy: A Framework for Theory Construction with Application to Community Ecology
Boltzmann Dynamics and the Integration of Macroecology and Evolutionary History

Alfred Hubler

Lab Manual
Lab Manual

First talk
First talk slides

Second talk
Second talk slides

Yoav Kallus

Pessimal Packing in the Plane
Tammes Cylinders
The Arctic Circle
Uniform Random Partitions

Michael Lachmann

First talk
Selection and Neutrality

Second talk
On the evolution of differentiation

Cris Moore

Algorithms and Landscapes
First talk slides

Fearful Symmetries: An Introduction to Quantum Algorithms
Second talk slides

Phase Transitions in Physics and Computer Science
Third talk slides

Mark Newman

Newman Lecture Slides 1

Newman Lecture Slides 2

note lecture three was a chalk talk

Newman Lecture Slides 4

Sid Redner

Redner Lecture Slides

Sam Scarpino

Emergent Epidemics

Cosma Shalizi

Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View

Cosma Shalizi Slides Pt. 1

Cosma Shalizi Slides Pt. 2

Somdatta Sinha

Caitlin Stern

Modeling Behavioral Evolution

Geoffrey West


Justin Yeakel

Paleoecology and Food Webs