Agent-based modeling

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Packages and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)

  1. NetLogo - has its own interpreted object-oriented language.
    1. Pros: free; platform-independent; probably the easiest IDE for agent-based modeling; easy to make a GUI (Graphical User Interface; e.g. add sliders for variables, add plots, and so on), lots of built-in functionality, including built-in loops ("forever" checkbox on the Go button as well as the "ask" keyword). Quick learning curve.
    2. Cons: run-time can be a bit slow for some things; has its own syntax; might be difficult to implement new functionality. Error messages can be a bit misleading.
  2. Repast - a library package for agent-based modeling designed to work with Java (platform-independent) or C# (Microsoft Windows only).
  3. MASON - Multi Agent Simulator Of Networks and Neighborhoods from George Mason University. MASON consists of a library of Java objects for constructing, instrumenting, and visualizing ABMs.
  4. Visual python - does this make life easier if you want 2D visualization? (agents, plots, etc)
  5. Matlab
  6. Mathematica? (Could use java as the back-end and Mathematica as the visualization front-end for graphs, etc, but this seems too much effort?)

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