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CSSS Santa Fe 2007

Is this a real thing? Or is it a remnant from the 2007 CSSS?

Basic Matlab programming for anyone who's interested + running a few example simulations (fractals, logistic map and maybe more…) Please let me know ( Thanks ,Yael

Note: For all of you who can not afford a matlab licence, there is a free (GPL) alternative called OCTAVE. You can find more information here. Juergen (Feel free to ask, if you have further questions)


Matlab tutorial

mfiles on doc

Update 1:

Unfortunately I couldn't find an empty slot for the tutorial this week, so I wrote it down for next Monday after dinner. If any one can think of an earlier time, or if you prefer a different time, that would be fine with me.

A few words about what I am planing:

I will first be going over some very basic stuff (getting Matlab started, basic commands and functions, m-files,...). After that I'd like to demonstrate how to code and run a few simple programs (based on examples seen in the lectures), and if we still have time... well, I'll have some more stuff ready.

See you,


Update 2:

Because there might be a problem getting every who's interested in the tutorial free at the same time, I suggest posting alternative times&dates on Wiki (see below). Please write down your name next to the time that's good for you (you can write your name in more than one option). This way we can get a feeling of when the best time would be. If this proves to be too complicated, I can always do it twice.


PS- if there are any special requests or proposals, feel free to tell me.

Setting a time:

Opt #1: Monday after dinner (Kai, rafal, Saleha, Amir, Heather, Natasha, jd)

Opt #2: Wednesday morning 10:30-11:30 (Vikas, Rhonda)

Either: Brian, Ben, James

I'm in for this. Vikas

Ditto. Aaron

I am also in. --jd

Me too ! Saleha

count me in. rafal

Me too. --James

Me too--Rhonda

Me too. Brian

Yesh. --Will B.

Me too. Sayan


Me too - David

I'm in -- Steve