Complex Systems Winter School 2015-Faculty Publications

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Complex Systems Winter School 2015


Liz Bradley

Curriculum Vitae
Determinism, Complexity and Predictability in Computer Performance
On the Importance of Nonlinear Modeling in Computer Performance

Aaron Clauset

Curriculum Vitae
Power-Law Distributions in Empirical Data
Hierarchical Structure and the Prediction of Missing Links in Networks
The Evolution and Distribution of Species Body Size
On the Frequency of Severe Terrorist Events

Simon DeDeo

Curriculum Vitae
Human Societies
The civilizing process in London’s Old Bailey
Group Minds and the Case of Wikipedia
Dynamical Structure of a Traditional Amazonian Social Network (see also Informal Summary.)
Collective phenomena and non-finite state computation in a human social system
Animal Societies
Evidence of strategic periodicities in collective conflict dynamics
Inductive game theory and the dynamics of animal conflict
Some Theory
Information Theory for Intelligent People
Effective theories for circuits and automata

Laurent Hébert-Dufresne

Curriculum Vitae
Complex Networks Are An Emerging Property of Hierarchical Preferential Attachment
Escaping the Poverty Trap: Modeling the Interplay Between Economic Growth and the Ecology of Infectious Disease
On the Constrained Growth of Complex Critical Systems
Universal Growth Constraints of Human Systems

Eric Libby

Curriculum Vitae
Eco-Evolutionary Feedback and the Tuning of Proto-Developmental Life Cycles
Ratcheting the Evolution of Multicellularity
Courting Disaster: How diversification Rate Affects Fitness Under Risk
Geometry Shapes Evolution of Early Multicelluarity

Ole Peters

Peters cv:

Curriculum Vitae

Lecture videos:

Time, for a change (Gresham College) (2012)

Time and chance (TEDx Goodenough College) (2011)

O. Peters
Ergodicity, Time, and Chance (SFI seminar) (2010)

Non-technical pieces

The Irreversibility of Time (2012)

M. Mauboussin
Shaking the foundation. (2012)

O. Peters
On time and risk. (2009)

Technical papers:

O. Peters and A. Adamou
Rational insurance with linear utility and perfect information.
arXiv:1507.04655 (2015).

O. Peters and A. Adamou
The evolutionary advantage of cooperation.
arXiv:1506.03414 (2015).

O. Peters and M. Gell-Mann
Evaluating gambles using dynamics.
arXiv:140585 (2014).

O. Peters and A. Adamou
Stochastic Market Efficiency.
arXiv:1101.4548 (2011).

O. Peters and W. Klein
Ergodicity breaking in geometric Brownian motion.
arXiv:1209.4517 . (2012)

O. Peters
The time resolution of the St Petersburg paradox.
arXiv:1011.4404v2 (2011)

O. Peters
Optimal leverage from non-ergodicity.
arXiv:0902.2965v2 (2011)

Rajiv Sethi

Curriculum Vitae
Inequality and Segregation
Stability of Equilibria in Games with Procedurally Rational Players
Credit Market Speculation and the Cost of Capital
The Evolution of Social Norms in Common Property Resource Use

Somdatta Sinha

Measuring Collective Behavior of Multicellular Ensembles: Role of Space-Time Scales
Video Interview

Andreas Wagner

The Robustness and Evolvability of Transcription Factor Binding Sites
Spaces of the Possible: Universal Darwinism and the Wall Between Technological and Biological Innovation Robustness, Evolvability, and the Logic of Genetic Regulation