Complex Systems winter School 2015-Projects

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Complex Systems Winter School 2015


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Project Title

Description of project: Earth System Governance as a problem in complexity science

Questions: How can we view the issue of earth system governance (think climate negotiations) from the lens of 'complex systems'?


Contact for Group:

Meeting times: Any time


Non Linear Time Series Analysis of Agricultural Data

Description of project: The prices of agricultural items fluctuate seasonally, as well as for reasons not immediately obvious. Linear methods of analysis like regression, etc. obviously don't do very well In prediction. Maybe we can try out non linear time series analysis to see if we get something.

References: One possible data source for daily dal prices in different cities from 2009-15 is here:

Contact for Group: Aditya; 9005467716

Meeting times: Any time

Interested: Sagar

Journalism on Social Media

Description of project: It will be interesting to reconstruct political discourse networks from Twitter to see where journalists lie on it. The reason I think this is important is that for a country as big as India the media cannot rely on traditional means to get hold of newsworthy stories. As the media runs out of funds, they will increasingly rely on social media to get hold of stories. Of course, the kind of stories you encounter on twitter depends a lot on who you follow and where in particular you lie in the network.


Contact for Group: Aditya; 9005467716

Meeting times: Any time

Interested: Emily