2015 Complexity and Modeling Program Readings

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Readings and Materials

Santa Fe Institute Website

Complexity Resources

Introduction to Complexity Online Videos
Complexity Explorer Terms Glossary
Santa Fe Institute Online Courses on Complexity
A huge online archive of Santa Fe Institute YouTube Videos
Background Reading on Complexity

General Agent-Based Modeling

Probability Puzzles

Puzzle #1 The Unfair Coin

Puzzle #2 Problem of points

Puzzle #3 Dice Exercises

Ecological Modeling

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors in Bacteria & Biodiversity - Kerr et al.

Emergent Behavior of Rock Paper Scissors - Kircher

Rock-Paper-Scissors Ecosystem

Chaos Theory

Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow - Lorenz



Curriculum & Tools

Walk & Turn (doc)‎

Swords & Shields (doc)

Core Concepts (doc)

Langston's Ants (doc)

Suggested Readings

Why Model? - Joshua M Epstein,

Jim Crutchfield, The Dreams of Theory

Melanie Mitchell, Complexity: A Guided Tour

Thomas D. Seeley, Honey Bee Democracy

Suggested Videos

Video Catalog of SFI Lectures

Iain Couzin, Understanding Human Behavior

Hunting the Hidden Dimension, NOVA documentary on fractal geometry

Emergence, Abridged NOVA ScienceNOW documentary on emergent phenomena

Progect GUTS Intro to Complex Adaptive Systems