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Please download NetLogo and go through the NetLogo Tutorial before you arrive to the Complexity and Modeling Program. The tutorial will be in the User Manuel and will download with NetLogo when you download it from the link below. Please go through the tutorial to familiarize yourself with NetLogo.

Netlogo Download Page

Another NetLogo Guide

SFI Powerpoint Templates

SFI Powerpoint Templates



Naked Mole Rat Challenge (Test rig files – extract all files to one directory)

Naked Mole Rats

Netlogo Ants [1]

Hillclimbers (.zip file with rules, test rig, example breed file)


Ant Colony Optimization and the Traveling Salesman Problem
TSP Ants.nlogo

Tower of Hanoi package .zip download
Tower of

Concord Consortium Models

Molecular Workbench

1). Download Link

2). Download Link

3). Download Link

David Black / Dan Damlin Leaf Morphology and Evolution Data

Leaf Morphology

David Black: Beaver Foraging Patterns
Beaver Summary XLS

XaoS Fractal Zoomer
Download Page Link

JP's Netlogo Virus Model