Vipin P. Veetil

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014

I am a third year PhD student in the Department of Economics at George Mason University. I have some experience with building agent-based models using Python. I have also dabbled a bit with modeling emergence of norms in social networks. Prior to entering the PhD program, I studied economics and finance.

Of late I have been thinking about the following two questions.

Project ideas:

(1) Firms, nation states, human beings and stars all die. Do the causes of "death" in physical, biological and social systems have something in common? If yes, what is it?

(2) In the 1960-70s Mandelbrot showed that some economic time series have fractal-like structures, i.e. they look the same at many time scales. The existence of these structures has been debated since. Do economic time series like S&P 500 index have fractal-like structures? If yes, how fractal-like are they?