Complex Systems Summer School 2014-Project Group Meeting Schedule

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014

Please use this space to list the times and locations of project group meetings, in the following format:
12:30pm Name of Project (meeting place)

Saturday, June 14

14:00 : The pollination problem from a game theory approach (Class room)

Sunday, June 15

10:00am : Division of Labor/Network Stability Tradeoff
10:00am : Network Warping via Chaotic Dynamics (Cafeteria)
11:00am : Information Theory of the Heart (ARIEL) [1]
12:00pm : Emergence of Consciousness (Cafeteria)
12:00pm : Multiplex networks
6:00pm : Cells and Software (Koi pond)
6:30pm : Co-evolution of Anti-vaccination Sentiment and Flu Infections (cafeteria)
7:00pm : Research Field Evolution (cafeteria)
7:15pm : Dynamics and stability of food webs with parasites (cafeteria)
9:00pm : Biodiversity (Lecture Hall/Cafeteria)

Monday, June 16

2:30pm : Cities Growth (meeting until 4:00) (Lecture Hall)
2:30pm : Information Theory of the Heart (Lecture Hall)
3:15-4:15pm : Pollination and Game Theory (Lecture Hall)
4:00pm : Network topology and quarantine (Lecture Hall)
4-5:30pm : Genotype-Phenotype Mapping (Ariel)
4:15pm : Failure Tolerance in Networks (Lecture Hall)
4:15pm : Coupling of Networks (Evans Science lab, room 2.15)

Tuesday, June 17

10:30AM-11:30AM: Evolution of interdisciplinary research (lecture hall)
10:45AM-12PM: Division of labor vs. stability tradeoff - Model Development Meeting (lecture hall)
12:30PM-1PM: Multiplex Networks, modeling (tentative) - coffee shop -
3:00PM-4:15PM: Bitcoin group (lecture hall)
3:00pm-5:00pm : Cities Growth (Lecture Hall) - Meeting with Josh : 4:15p.m.-4:25p.m
3:00pm-4:15pm :: Complex systems approaches in data scarce environments (Cameroon)
3:00pm-5:00pm : Information Theory of the Heart Group (Lecture Hall)
4:00pm-5:30pm : Coupling of networks (2.15 lab)+ Miguel
4:30pm - 4:40pm: Complex systems approaches in data scarce environments (Cameroon) - w/ Josh and Miguel
6:00pm-7:00pm: Cells and Software (Coffee Shop)

Wednesday, June 18

9:00am-12:00am : Cities Growth (Lecture Hall)
9:00am-12:00am : Emergence of Interdisciplinary Fields (coffee)
9:00am-10:30am : Information Theory of the Heart Group (Lecture Hall)
10:30-1:30pm : Coupling of networks
1PM-2:30 PM : Consciousness (Lecture Hall)
1:30pm : Quarantines in financial networks
1:30- 3PM: Multiplex (Physic lab)
2:00pm-5:00pm : Information Theory of the Heart Group (Lecture Hall)
6 PM Failure Tolerance in lecture hall
3-5 PM Division of labor vs. stability meeting (lecture hall)

Thursday, June 19

4:15 PM Bitcoin (physics lab)

Friday, June 20

Morning coffee break: Growth of Cities Group (SFI)
Noon - Division of labor vs. stability - data analysis meeting
6.00 pm: Cells and Software (Evans Science lab, room 2.15)

Saturday, June 21

Sunday, June 22

9AM: Reinforcement learning (MANDATORY!) "really? That early?"
10-12AM: Multiplex (Physics Lab) 10AM: Institutions group (voluntary)
2PM: Division of labor group - modeling meeting
4PM: Cameroon group - coffee shop
5:30PM: Growth of Cities Group - Python tutorial (Lecture Hall)
6:00PM: Growth of Cities Group Meeting (Lecture Hall)
6:00PM: Bitcoin group (Physics Lab)
6:00PM: Interdisciplinary Research Fields (Lecture Hall)
6:00PM: Coupling of Networks (Coffee Shop)
7:00PM: Information Theory of the Heart (Coffee Shop)
8:00PM: Consciousness
8:00PM: Institutions group (MANDATORY!)

Monday, June 23

10:25AM-12PM Cell and Software Engineering meeting--outside lecture hall
10:30AM Coupling of Networks (Coffee Shop)
1:00PM - Growth of Cities Subgroup including Morgan, Bernardo, Michael and Claire (coffee shop)
1:30PM-3PM Division of labor vs. stability meeting - outside lecture hall
10:45am-3:00pm: Information Theory of the Heart Group (Lecture Hall)
5:00 PM: Multiplex (physics lab)
8:00PM: Coupling of Networks (Coffee Shop)
8:30PM Interdisciplinary Research Fields (Library)

Tuesday, June 24

4:15-5:00PM - Growth of Cities subgroup including Alex, Diana and James (Lecture Hall)
2:00-3:00PM - Bitcoin, press sub-group (Lecture Hall)
01:30pm-03:00pm: Information Theory of the Heart Group, Meeting with Dr. Simon DeDeo to go over the data (Lecture Hall)
4:15pm-5:00pm: Empirical Genotype-Phenotype Mapping (Lecture Hall)

Wednesday, June 25

Thursday, June 26

9:00AM - Cells and Software, Biology Contingent (Cafeteria)
9:00AM - Information Theory of the Heart (Lecture Hall)
1:00PM - Growth of Cities Group (Lecture Hall)
2:00PM - Tradeoff Group (coffee shop)
2:30PM - Coupling of Networks (Coffee Shop)
3:00PM - Cells and Software

Friday, June 27

1:30 : Cells and Software meeting

Saturday, June 28

6:00 pm - Cities Group meeting (Morgan, Diana, Bernardo and Rohan) outside the cafeteria

Sunday, June 29

1:30pm Coupling of networks (coofee shop)
2:30pm Tradeoff Group Meeting (coffee shop)
2:30pm Information Theory of the Heart Group Meeting (coffee shop)
6:30pm Cities group meeting (outside the lecture hall - although maybe we'll do this at JP's farm?)

Monday, June 30

12:00pm-01:30pm Information Theory of the Heart Group Meeting at the Cafeteria
12:00pm Cells and Software Group - casual lunch at the cafeteria

Tuesday, July 1

12:00pm (be on time!) - Cells and Software Group Meeting over Lunch (cafeteria)
6:00pm - Cities Group meeting (coffee shop)

Wednesday, July 2

10:45am - Cities Group Meeting (lecture hall)
3PM - Tradeoff Group Meeting - Final Meeting!