Complex Systems Summer School 2014-TShirts

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Complex Systems Summer School 2014

Every year we have a T-shirt design contest, where CSSS Students create designs (relevant to the summer school) and during the end of the second week we vote on the one we will print and distribute to the cohort. Please post your T-shirt design below. The design will be printed on a single colored T-shirt (keep in mind which color T-shirt you would like to print on while planning your design). The print that will go on the T-shirt is limited to a two color back and a one color front.

Designs will be voted on June 19

Have fun and be creative! Do note that T-shirts need to be limited to two solid colors, so things like color scaling will not work well because of the screen printing process. If you would like a high-resolution .PSD file, please see JP

Shirt 1

Yellow Shirt
Blue and Red Colors -- just scale my faulty artwork to the full colors.

Shirt 2

I'm not a designer...

But I propose a TShirt with the "I love complexity" of last year in the front (with 'love' as a fractal part)

And in the back a huge network where each one of us is a node and the links could be the group projects collaborations... or the countries we are from... or something else... :)

Shirt 3

By Qiao Zhi

Shirt 4

By Matthew Ayres

This presentation shows a front of shirt "message" and three options for the back of the t-shirt.

File:Complexity T Shirt2.ppt

Shirt 5

By Massimo, Francesca, Leto, Jose, Sanja and Flavia

The front is a motto with a network version of the SFI logo. The back contains a tag cloud with our interests from the 1 min presentation (the bigger the words the more frequent our interests). Further improvements and suggestions are more than welcome!

Could we add the word 'city' ? :D Otherwise it's perfect ! ;) Claire

Sure thing, done :) Massimo

And also the words "Drunk", "coffee" and "beer" :P Flavia

Shirt 6

The front of this proposed t-shirt is an image of a Lorenz Attractor, while the upperback reads "Santa Fe Institute -- 2014 Complex Systems Summer School". Alternatively, this could also be placed in small font on the front side of the t-shirt, and we could be leave the back blank.

There are two options for the t-shirt color--grey and green, as seen below.

Grey T-shirt (front)

Grey T-shirt (back)

Green T-shirt (front)

Green T-shirt (back)

Shirt 7

It is inspired by the circular gene tree in Professor Wagner's lecture:

This is just a draft drawn by hand, and it has not finished yet, but I have to upload it before the deadline.

The dark lines and dots look like letters "C" and "S" (if you take off your glasses and look at a distance :) ). With the "S" in "Summer" and the "S" in "School" (backside), they show "CSSS".
The gray torus should be the names of the universities from where all of us and teachers come from. They should be displayed in the same way as the circular gene tree. I've not finished, so just use the gray torus to represent.

The back is obvious.

Shirt 8

Front: just the SFI logo in white on a black shirt



Idea here is to take the inherit aesthetic with flocking models in Netlogo and make a cool design. Flock could even flowing around the SFI logo on the front.

Logo optional. I sort of like it on the arm myself.



Or White?

Riding Into the Edge of Complexity

Front: The SFI logo in white on a black shirt (upper right corner) with the text "SFI-CSSS 2014" under it.

Back: The image of a Pueblo Indian (native of Santa Fe) riding on logistic map landscape into the fractal sun. Text under it Riding into the edge of complexity.