Victoria Mellor

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Complex Systems Winter School 2015

Victoria Mellor, Al Wajh Female College

Currently HOD of Health Information Management at a female college in Saudi Arabia. Also set up and managing small hospital in Tanzania.

My background is initially in security services and telecommunications modelling for the aviation industry. I was looking for a change after 10 years of working, and then completed degrees in health sciences and defense studies. I then did various postgraduate studies in bioethics, clinical ethics, and public international law. My research experience has been in war crimes and crimes against humanity, chemical warfare, complexity of irregular warfare, and how military commanders make decisions with incomplete information during contemporary military operations. At the moment I am doing my MPhil in Emergency medicine, and am also starting my PhD in the area of military decision making processes at Leistershire University. I also studied advanced project management at Stanford.

I have worked as a uni lecturer for around 5 years in total, teaching sciences such as physiology, biophysics, genetics and biochemistry, and have left my mark on a respectable amount of lab benches. I have worked for a number of years in China, New Zealand, UK, and Saudi Arabia. I enjoy travel, and love to explore. I was born with the blessing (or curse) of being eternally, insatiably curious so am forever focused on finding out what is over the horizon. Probably while in a burka and riding a camel...