Michael Johansson

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Complex Systems Summer School 2011
Cerro de Olivares, Chile


I am a biologist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases. I moved from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland to the CDC Dengue Branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico just over 5 years ago to work on my doctoral research which I finished in 2008. My background is fairly broad both in terms of subject matter and geography, but my focus now is on using statistical and mathematical models to address important public health problems related to vector-borne diseases (mainly arboviruses such as dengue, West Nile, and yellow fever). This work has involved longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian statistics, multi-level models, wavelet analysis, geospatial statistics, branching processes, and metapopulation models. I end up doing a lot of programming along the way, mostly in R and Java.


While I enjoy my work I also enjoy many other activities, mostly outdoors with friends. At this time and place that includes biking, triathlons, surfing, stand up paddling, scuba diving, and lion fish hunting.